ZCOOP- 5 Real-Life Sacrifices of Mothers That Deserve Consideration

Now we all know that motherhood is prescribed with sacrifices. But what sort of sacrifices mothers are tasked to endure? This week on ZCOOP Malaysia, i talk about the real deal! Motherhood and sacrifices are correlated. One will usually have a preconceived notion about mothers and their prominent roles in raising a child as the […]

3 basic ways to prepare for motherhood : READ, LISTEN, WATCH

Preparing for motherhood

Many expectant parents, including myself obviously or else I wouldn’t have been this stressful, tend to take parenting for granted. Now that you are expecting, you are excited that you’re physically fit for pregnancy and so that you could escape the deadly question of “when are you going to have a baby”  from the aunties […]

ZCOOP- Women and Offic Politics. Time to straighten things out

Hey guys. Phew my previous post on ““LADIES DON’T RUSH INTO MOTHERHOOD” has got over 800 shares and I thank all 800+ of you for spreading my message. I mean nothing but to portray the truth behind this lifelong commitment. Anyway, it’s Friday and that means it’s time fro ZCOOP! This was originally published on ZCOOP […]

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