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ZCOOP -Acceptance Would Make a Happy Marriage

Hey guys.  It’s time to do justice for ZALORA because today is FRIDAY! This article was originally posted on [ZCOOP MALAYSIA. CLICK HERE] So here goes : When we say marriage, you will usually imagine your future wedding dress with a long train, great food, desserts for the guests and where would your honeymoon spot be at. […]

ZCOOP- Ever Wondered What Will Your Life Be After Maternity Leave?

Hey y’all it’s FRIDAY and that means it’s time for ZCOOP MALAYSIA! Click on the picture above to read it on ZCOOP Malaysia Otherwise, you can read it here Especially for first-time moms, confinement can be pretty perplexing with the routines being alien to them.  Among those are nursing, staying up at night and being […]

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