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ZCOOP- Confinement Period. How Can Fathers Play Their Roles

This week’s article on ZCOOP Malaysia, repost it here. Link is available in the comment below!  *********** Expecting a baby can be very amusing because your title will change forever. Throughout the 9 months period, you might be doing numerous research on baby matters such as clothes, foods preparation and breastfeeding tips. Some would also […]

ZCOOP: Importance of Serenity, Affection and Grace in Marriage

As always y’all, Friday is set for ZCOOP Malaysia, a ZALORA digital magazine. So here goes, a different approach to describe Sakeenah, Mawaddah and Rahmah! This article was originally posted on ZCOOP Malaysia, [CLICK HERE] Whoever sets foot in matrimony would absolutely want a relationship that posits tranquillity, love and mercy. Oh come on, who doesn’t? […]

ZCOOP -Acceptance Would Make a Happy Marriage

Hey guys.  It’s time to do justice for ZALORA because today is FRIDAY! This article was originally posted on [ZCOOP MALAYSIA. CLICK HERE] So here goes : When we say marriage, you will usually imagine your future wedding dress with a long train, great food, desserts for the guests and where would your honeymoon spot be at. […]