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Perkahwinan merancakkan dakwah….Sure ke?

[Disclaimer: Entry ini ditulis atas persetujuan bersama kami suami isteri] Sejak zaman bujang di universiti lagi aku dah dinasihatkan oleh abang akak usrah yang perkahwinan ni merancakkan dakwah melalui konsep 7 maratib amal macam dalam gambar di bawah ni. Kita bina diri sendiri sebagai individu muslim, kemudian kita bina keluarga kita sebagai keluarga muslim, beralih […]

Scolding kids: 5 simple ways to break the habit

Rumahku Syurgaku  They usually say that if you grow up in a less supportive upbringing, you should break the cycle. You mustn’t do the same for your children. Easier said than done aye? Even for those who did not experience such environment, they might be taken aback to the reality of parenting and how much […]

Psychiatric Treatment #3 : Suppressed anxiety and stress

2011 Road trip to Queenstown, NZWhen life was a little too simple I went to my third appointment with my psychiatrist yesterday and husband came along this time around. I’m so blessed to be having a wonderful, caring husband who agrees to find the cure together. He’s my rock. So yesterday’s session was AMAZING. Plain […]