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Book Review: 10 Habits of Happy Mothers

Hello every body! I am wishing you a very happy new year 2019! May Allah grant you happiness, tranquility, and more rezqi in many ways. I also pray for you and your family’s health, spiritually, financially, socially, physically and mentally. It’s a brand new year and I honestly couldn’t believe myself that I am looking […]

Colony KLCC, a GREAT coworking space

Now when I say GREAT with all letters capitalised, I really mean it. Colony KLCC doesn’t only offer one of the best coworking spaces but also excellent and friendly services by the team. They were so cool, nice and attentive that hey, didn’t we just know each other a minute ago? I’m not exaggerating guys. […]

4 Breastfeeding Realitities You Should Know

Expectant mothers are usually thrilled to begin their breastfeeding journey once their baby pops and the same goes to their husbands. It can be agreed that awareness on breastfeeding has elevated over the recent years thanks to technology and the people’s curiosity. Despite the hype and excitement, there are certain real deals that couples need […]

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