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Bantal Leyna International Women’s Day Contest

Hey y’all! I hope 2019 has been nice on you. So today, I want to talk about a pillow, specifically Bantal Leyna. In conjunction with the International Women’s Day, they are running a contest with a super awesome of prize of 916 Gold Necklace! Say that again? Yes you heard me, 916 Gold Necklace y’all! […]

#1 The Art of Owning Your Story

Zayana Yusof reviews The Art of Owning Your Story

Hello peeps! How has your new year going? Mine is great Alhamdulillah, despite the hiccups here and there. PhD is going on pretty well too. Currently running my data collection and I’m seeing myself growing up (apart from sideways) maturely dealing with the key industry players. I’ll tell you more when everything is done later […]

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