Assalamu’alaikum.  Hey guys,  this is Zayana, from Klang Valley, Malaysia. I’m 27 this year,  a mommy of 3 amazing kids.

Realising that I stepped into marriage pretty early than my friends, I feel obliged to blog about the realities behind this amazing-yet-crazy journey so my dear friends and relatives, who are yet to do more readings, will get a rough idea on what marriage is about.

In 2013, I married a single father of one 12 years old (now 16) son, who has got the hang of parenting and fatherhood thus found the arrival of his second and third child relatively easy…. unlike me which has driven me to start blogging about my motherhood endeavour although I have actually been an avid blogger since 2008.

My writings are mainly based on my personal experience, general readings, and sharing from others. So y’all get it right? This blog doesn’t necessarily depict my whole life story.

God wiling (insha Allah) I’ll try to provide the best to my dear readers and I look forward to receving new ideas and sharing from anyone.

 I’m available through the CONTACT FORM here ya.

Thank you!