100 Days of MCO

Had we known that Malaysia’s MCO will take effect for 100 days and counting, along with school closure, business shut downs and countless job loss, I guess many Malaysians may have already given up with their lives for the tension that they could foresee.

Instead, we have been going with the flow for the past three months. Businesses, employees, parents and students; we were all taking one day at a time anxiously thinking about what the future offers.

We (patiently) waited for daily updates on TV about new cases, recoveries and death tolls. We sought for announcements from the Prime Minister (also now called Abah), the Senior Minister of Security and Minister of Defence (also called Pak Long Mail) and the Health Director General (DG) (Pak Ngah Hisham). Malaysians still have a little sense of humour amid the anxiety.

I read an article in The Edge today on someone’s personal opinion that 2020 should be discounted in our years of age. We should begin counting our age on 2021 onwards. Look at what’s happening in 2020? It’s almost half of the year and we are only economically shrinking and physically distancing.

But seeing from another angle, I must say that we have bravely ventured into the less known. Teaching and learning activities and assessments happen through online means. A method that many are not prepared for but we somehow sailed through it. Sure enough, some schools and universities are ahead of others but slowly we catch up.

We work from home to best of our abilities. WFH is not any easier than working at office. In fact, it’s even harder when bosses tend to reach for their staff beyond office hours like they think that WFH is supposed to 24/7 instead of the normal 9-5.

Thankfully, people are going back to work and hopefully with the reopening of daycare and kindergarten, it would ease parents in getting back to their old work pace.

Today’s update (27th June 2020): After about four days of single-digit records, Malaysia is hit with 10 new cases. Meanwhile, death tolls remain at 121. Our Health DG explained that Malaysia needs to have 28 consecutive days of zero new cases before we can declare Covid-19 Free.

Is that possible?

On thing for sure, life will no longer be getting back to prior Covid-19. We have to be vigilant in all plausible ways.

Speaking of Health DG, I feel sorry for him and all other frontliners that work tirelessly every single day to serve the nation. To the best of my knowledge, Dr. Noor Hisham has been going live on TV every day showing that he has not taken a day off.

I could only imagine being in his shoes. As the captain for the ship, who wouldn’t feel worried about his crew? I definitely would, so working diligently is no longer an option. I hope Malaysians continue praying for his good health and the country’s recovery.

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