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what Zayana Yusof wish her home office would look like

Has it really been almost a year? Good Lord!

So what happened in May 2019 was that my dad had a severe coughing, it was also Ramadhan. He got admitted due to Tuberculosis (TB). We suspected the heavy medication then caused his kidneys to overwork (which was already at his minimal capacity, considering he’s diabetic and a heavy smoker). He was then diagnosed with Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) Stage 5 with only 11% of his kidney still functioning.

What in the world just happened? That was the start of our Hemodialysis routine, on top of everyone’s schedule in making a living. But All Praises to Allah, my dad is feeling much better now. Instead of thrice, his schedule has been reduced to only twice a week.

Then I focused on writing my PhD thesis which ain’t easy y’all. After about 7 months of hard work, I finally submitted my thesis on 11th February 2020. And currently waiting to be called for the viva voce examination. You know, the oral examination for PhD students.

And as I’m writing this, it is the 36th day that Malaysia is practicing Movement Control Order (MCO) due to the Coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic. It’s a partial lockdown where almost all non-essential business, offices and stores are forced to close. As for eateries, only takeouts are available.

People are also working and schooling from home thanks to the internet. This is step is crucial to reduce the spread of the virus. But there are major drawbacks though. Businesses especially Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) aren’t making sales so they are losing their grip in the market. It causes major loss of jobs so people have no money to even spend on basic needs.

On a larger scale, this situation has been weakening Malaysia’s domestic spending. The Edge says clothing and apparels dropped by a whopping 95%; followed by transportation (down 89%); restaurants and hotels (down 86%); and household furniture and recreational expenses fell by 70%.

People still buy big-ticket items like furniture and recreations, but not much on clothes? I can only think this as erm, maybe people are already buying flight tickets and booked the accommodations for the future vacations? Maybe they thought that this MCO is will end soon this year?

But people are not going anywhere so there’s no or very less desire of buying new clothes. I mean, you want to look so very pretty to go where?

Anyway, tomorrow will be the new beginning of Ramadhan 2020. A whole new experience for us people since history has ever recorded. Fasting, working and schooling from home, no Bazaar Ramadhan, all while practicing MCO.

I think i’ll stop here for now. I’m working on a project throughout this MCO. Hopefully things will fall into place. God Willing. Later I’ll share k.

Til the next foreseeable blog post,
Stay safe folks!

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