SOLAZAT, Serunding Asli Kg Laut

I guess they want it to represent the deliciousness. Which it definitely is!

So lets see what is the cause of this new craze for SOLAZAT

  1. Its from Kg Laut, Tumpat, Kelantan. So I just knew this, that apparently Kg Laut made the best serunding in the world. OK exaggeration but its true, if Malaysia is the only country who make serunding, and if Kg Laut is the best in Malaysia, then they’re also the best in the world!
  2. SOLAZAT is made by the supplier in Kg Laut who made it WITH ZERO MSG! YES you read that right. NO MSG peeps! But fret not, it still tastes GREAT! The great tastes comes from the secret recipe that has been passed to 3 generations now. Current supplier has been making it for 25 years now, perfecting the recipe passed down from her grandmother. You know what they say, “air tangan” that made it tastes great, even without the help of MSG
  3. So people also asked, if SOLAZAT is from Kg Laut, Kelantan, why can’t the customers just march up to Kg Laut and buy there direct from the supplier?
    So the answer is, there are a lot of suppliers in Kg Laut. And while they’re all famous for being one of the most delicious serunding, you wouldn’t know which on makes the best, the most tastiest, without MSG!
  4. SOLAZAT uses fresh coconut milk, not the packed or boxed one. So if you are particular with this packed or boxed coconut milk, rest assured that you’re getting the best ingredients in SOLAZAT
  5. Some people would have different preferences with the types of serunding they prefer. Some would favour chicken over beef, and some prefer fish more than others.
    The best thing is, SOLAZAT offers ALL 4 types of serunding – chicken, fish, and 2 types of beef – local and import. Yes they tastes differ, and my personal fav is local beef.
  6. SOLAZAT is packed in a ziplock packaging so it means that you dont have to scout for another container. You can just use the existing packaging and be happy about it. This means that you can eat it as snack while doing your work in the office

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