Colony KLCC, a GREAT coworking space

Now when I say GREAT with all letters capitalised, I really mean it. Colony KLCC doesn’t only offer one of the best coworking spaces but also excellent and friendly services by the team. They were so cool, nice and attentive that hey, didn’t we just know each other a minute ago? I’m not exaggerating guys. Since this is not a paid review, why would I want to spend my time blogging about it?

The reason being is simple. I want to share some cool experiences with you mothers, should you need some fresh breeze to your mundane routine. Colony offers a kid-friendly service for us parents to work. The room, Russel, provides a spatial space with toys and a flat screen TV with a few tables for you to do your work with your kids right under your nose. Too bad I forgot to snap some photos of it.

My sister-lah ni, she’s always in the mood of trying out new things. She showed me several coworking spaces in Klang Valley and ajak me to try them out. I’m actually quite fine with working at home because I’m comfortable having all my stuff here, within my reach. But my sister is the opposite of me since she can get a little restless working from home and she’s someone who needs new environment to begin working. Me? Not really because i’m a very routine person. I’m happy with my workstation at home.

Yes things can get pretty dry if you do the same thing over and over again. Let alone the lonely PhD journey despite having your own circle of friends. Knowing that I can explore and enjoy new experiences and now that my sister ajak me, so why not give Colony KLCC a chance? This was my first ever serviced office space experience by the way and I loved every single thing about it!

Okay the daily pass it pretty pricey to be honest, RM60/day. But can you just look at the ID? These are ah-mazingg! With such ambient to work in, I personally wouldn’t mind, or maybe for once in a while.

Zayana Yusof at Colony KLCC

The have a cafe here, a prayer room, an EO-scented restroom, workstation and office rooms for various occasions with differing rates. We parked at the nearby spot at RM15 per entry and took a 10-min walk to Colony.

My first Colony KLCC experience
We can work and have our packed lunch here too. The pantry with a microwave, sink and all other necessities is next to the counter.

But to be perfectly honest, we didn’t have our lunch at the cafe because we weren’t really sure about that and there were no food stalls nearby or at least within our sight. So next time, we would probably bring our lunch box since they also provide a microwave in their pantry.

We were there probably from 9am to 4pm and Alhamdulillah I managed to settle quite some amount of work. But before that, of course lah we had to take photos while the manager took us around for a brief tour. Enjoy!

The passage to goodness, behold! Because you are about to witness a glamorous workspace and suddenly you feel so diva.

Tadaa! This is the common area where dailypass-ers are to designated in. You can sit at the couch, the bean bags or the table where I chose to work at.

Zayana Yusof at Colony KLCC

This is their massage room, available every Thursdays at RM30 for 30 minutes per session. You can walk in. We didn’t try this out too because I thought I’d make full use of our 6 hours there. Plus, you know-lah, trying to get in the mood to work is already taking a good amount of our precious time so once we settled down we thought the massage can come later. Maybe next time. Yay, there’s a NEXT TIME.

PhD student trying out Colony KLCC

This is the bean bag area where you can chill, sip your cuppa while overlooking the streets. This is definitely a good way to relax your mind and enjoy seeing the people bustling around. Or if you feel like doing leisure work, you know the days when you have met your datelines but you keep feeling guilty for not working but you still want to chill at the same time, so ya this is the spot.

So that’s about it mothers. My verdict, yes this place is one notch above my work environment being a grad student but I really enjoyed the services they provided. And I’d emphasise again that the team are super friendly, that they cater to our enquiries well and ya mostly good thing-lah about them. But the only small lack I see is that the prayer room doesn’t have its own wudhu’ space, so we had to take wudhu’ at the toilet and wiped the floor because they were wet. And then only we went to the prayer room to perform solat.

Another thing is that dailypassers weren’t given their own access card so each time we went out to the cafe/ pantry or concierge, we would need their help to open the door again for us to come in. I thought it’d be more feasible had we have our own access card just for the day. Ya, just my two cents. But overall, everything was great though!

PhD student trying out Colony KLCC

Yup, that’s me, the twenty-something year-old mother who feels so Diva doing her PhD work at Colony KLCC because it’s been ages since she left the corporate world and its environment. So that’s about it Moms. I would recommend this particular coworking space if you’re planning to get some fresh air beyond four walls.

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