5 Ways that Mothers Define Shower

Some perceive shower as rejuvenating while others typically take it for granted. Depending on where you are  at or what you do for a living, once or twice a day is the usual frequency of one’s shower schedule.

As typical as it may sound, the definition of shower diverts as one enters motherhood especially with the addition of the later family members.

To be read light-heartedly, we present the 5 definitions of shower from the perspectives of mothers.

1. Shower literally means get yourself washed in 5 minutes

Whether or not you get to scrub your greasy hair, that ceases to matter because your 2-year-old will bang the door constantly until you let her in. Even when she’s under an adult supervision, she’ll always want to enter the bathroom with you.

2. Bathing for once a day is a blessing from above

Life is too occupying with the feeding, pumping, chores, playing together and washing their poops, you’ll tend to forget that you haven’t taken your shower for the day. Hence, at 11.30pm when the kids are finally dozed off, there comes your shower time. We can finally call it a day!

3. Shower with the door open

So you’ll get to sneak peek at your baby in his cot or let your tot see you and stop him from screaming his lungs out. Although it may sound inappropriate, that’s what you will resort for when there’s no extra hands to help you out.

4. Shower together with the kids

Easy as! This comes in handy when you are not sure about leaving them unattended while taking your shower. Again for situations similar to Number 3, mothers will have to define shower at another level. One of the best ideas is to have it all together at one go. Privacy what?

5. The ultimate shower

And the ultimate shower session is when you get to experience the drops of water massaging your back, scrub your greasy hair and body, and cherish the heavenly shower foam smell….. without any interruption from the outside. No cries for “Mommy, can I have my milk please?!” or “Mommy, he took the remote control from me!”. And better still, not even the father calling for your name “Honey, where did you put the diaper? I can’t find it!”

Hilarious as they may sound, these are the real deal of motherhood. Stay-at-home Moms (SAHM) would understand better as they go through this on a daily basis all day long.

And guys, regardless of working or not we should embrace all mothers and make prayers to one another because not having your shower for two days in a row is utterly challenging!

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