4 Breastfeeding Realitities You Should Know

Expectant mothers are usually thrilled to begin their breastfeeding journey once their baby pops and the same goes to their husbands. It can be agreed that awareness on breastfeeding has elevated over the recent years thanks to technology and the people’s curiosity. Despite the hype and excitement, there are certain real deals that couples need to be aware of prior to starting their breastfeeding journey.

In simple words, we outline the four basic realities behind the perfectly filtered breastfeeding journey that is usually share on social media. Brace yourself future parents!

1. Engorged breasts

The basic idea of breastfeeding is having your breasts engorged as early as the third day of your postpartum (post delivery). This is typically painful to many resulting in huge discomfort until you get to express them or feed your baby.

2. Stained bra and clothes with milky smell

Although you are pumped to fully breastfeeding your baby for two years, you should be reminded that the milk flow can’t be controlled. It comes out when the ‘tank’ is full regardless of you having management meeting or rushing to meet the deadline at work. With your milk starting to drip and wet the upper part of your top, it can be a little obvious to your colleagues. Due to this, mothers usually juggle work and expressing at the prayer room.

3. Lunch hour = expressing

If lunch had always been about meals, chatting and shopping, your routine might need some amendments moving forward as you are tied to the pumping schedule. Lunch is one of the most convenient hours to sit back, munch some snack and let the breast pump do its job. This can also be a great time to catch up with your colleagues as you always do. Only that it’s done in the prayer or nursing room instead of the cafeteria.

4. Mid-night pumping and feeding

None of us can really escape the ‘Night Shift’ with newborns and toddlers. Apart from feeding your hungry baby, burp, change his diaper and rocking him back to sleep, you are also bounded by the mid-night pumping schedule only to make sure that you have enough stock for tomorrow. Some opt for tandem nursing, while others prefer to settle the baby first before catering to the schedule. It’s really up to you to set though.

Then again, fret not! As scary as it may sound, this happens to all breastfeeding mothers because it’s definitely the process that we all go through. Yes breastfeeding changes the way you run your day but insha Allah  this happens for good reasons. With support from your spouse, colleagues, families and friends, insha Allah you’ll get the hang of it sooner or later. Remember to chin up and move forward!

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