I sleep like a log with Bantal Leyna

I understand being moms would mean that we need to bid our night sleep a good long farewell. But now that my kids are pre-schoolers and the other one is about to complete his schooling, I’m beginning to enjoy my sleeping routine and my circadian rythm is doing pretty awesome.

I typically doze off at 11pm and thanks to our September 5am Challenge, it’s been almost a month that we, the Ladies of Imanuya, are making it a habit to wake up at 5am every day. Yes it sounds bizarre because it really is! I have been waking up between 4.45am to 6.30am this month and I still haven’t got the hang of it though. That said, it takes weeks, months and sometimes years to build a new habit considering the hiccups that one may go through along the way. I’m still taking this new routine positively. I enjoy seeing myself taking the baby steps, Alhamdulillah.


And speaking of sleep, it would be an overstatement to say that I sleep like a log at night with this Bantal Leyna. This is not a paid review guys. This is just me sharing my experience of enjoying my night sleep with the pillow. So here’s how it looks like from the outside, I got mine with the casing to ease my travelling and balik kampung. Oh, the diagonal prints is the original design of the pillow. Loving the details so much! Bantal Leyna is also super fluffy as you can see in the picture below; tell me how not to sleep like a log at night?


And just so you know, you may remove the filling to adjust to height of the pillow to suit your liking. I like mine as it is so I don’t feel like amending the size.

  1. Compress the fibre first
  2. Unzip the Bantal Leyna casing at the side,
  3. Take off some of the fibre to suit your forte,
  4. Compress the remaining fibre and zip it again,
  5. Give it some good shakes,
  6. and voila! Sleep like a king with Bantal Leyna!


Also, if you’re keen to do more research about this Bantal Leyna, this video provides some essentials about it. It says here that Bantal Leyna can be washed but it is advisable to do so at at laundromat (Kedai Dobi Layan Diri) at low temperature due to their bigger machine size. Have fun researching!



Interested to get yourself a piece or two (or even more!) of this Bantal Leyna? Hop straight to their Facebook Page here or their Instagram here and get yourself indulged in exclusive sleeping experience with Bantal Leyna. I’m already enjoying mine!

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