My JUJUR Bare Skin Project

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post. This is only a lady, sharing her discovery of an oil-based skincare product with another lady.

So JUJUR simply means HONEST in Malay. The title of my blogpost goes two ways; one is to tell my honest and bare skin take on this product, and second is that it simply calls for the product name. So let’s begin. Honestly, I am not tested with serious or severe skin care issues which basically tell my lack of attention on skin care products mushrooming in the market. But this particular brand caught my attention because it offers a  15ml FREE SAMPLE for consumers. A step that I don’t always find businesses do but very good to engage with potential buyers.

I got myself a free sample of JUJUR Organics’ Sunflower Oil Mil Cleanser, just to give it a try for 10 days, at least twice a week. And to my surprised, it really rejuvenates my skin! I don’t set high targets like hoping for it to solve my mild acne, blackheads and whatnot. I only want a skincare product that softens and balances my skin moisture.

When washing your face, you’ll realise that tt doesn’t produce foam, because this product excludes the foaming agent like most facial wash in drugstore has. It’s oil based and has no water, hence they do not include preservatives in it. The actual product comes in a size of 120ml with 2 years expiration from manufacturing date.

I want to set up a piggy bank for JUJUR Organics, because I really want to get my hands on it when my sample finishes! Okay that’s all folks. If you’re searching for alternative skin care products and you happen to bump into my blog here, ola! I hope this basic review gives you some idea about what this product offers to your skin. Here’s their Instagram if you wish to look for more info. Happy browsing!

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