Addison, Aku Tetap Juara!

It’s been a long while since I talked about my Monthly Readings. I got caught up with work since earlier this year because I was working hard for my Proposal Defence and a little (lot) stressed out with motherhood as always.

So last week, bought myself a Novel Kanak-kanak as a way to support my friend cum author Chua Pei Yong. We’ve been friends since forever! Haha. She was my junior at elementary school and responsible for bringing me into authoring. Well, she helped me a lot!

And I don’t only buy her piece to show my support, but I also want to rebuild my reading habit! I loved it that I manage to finish and review one book a month last year. So I’d want to do it again this year. Ain’t nobody too late for anything!

Let’s get back to business. This novel is about Mei San, a school athlete who excels in all sorts of sports from sprint to high jump. But she’s held back by a disease termed Addison. In short, Addison causes lethargy to her especially if she hasn’t been taking care of her health.

So this novel portrays the physical, mental and spiritual struggle of a 11-year-old girl whose friends and family are there to support her. Readers are also drawn towards developing a sense of empathy to others in many ways. From this book, albeit being meant for children, I learned that empathy comes in many forms. Being physically there for your loved ones, lending ears to solely listen to what their heart says without having to say a word, or show and guide them the way out of their darkness. All this would only come after one has attempted to understand their situations and be in their shoes.

And oh, I love the suspense towards the end of the book. Man, it really catches my emotions!

Thank you Chua Pei Yong, for the lesson learned. I don’t only recommend this to primary schoolers. In fact, i encourage us ADULTS to spend a few hours and read through this novel to relive the untarnished childhood experience that we once went through. The friendship, the confusions, the conflict with our classmates and the pure heart of a little girl whose soul was free from greed and selfishness.

Go and give this book a try!

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