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Ola amigos! I’m Zayana, if you have forgotten my name. Man, life was pretty mentally and emotionally crazy for the past few months. I actually took a break from social media and blogging because I have kind of lost myself somewhere along the way.

As always, I have forgotten what it’s like to be a happy wife, happy mother, sister and friends to the people around me, on top work the pressure on my PhD progress. I wanted to keep it low on social media until I have submitted for my Proposal Defence (PD) which I did a few days before Eid. It was refreshing to finally be able cross the submission line and it felt even GREATER to have actually passed it!

Alhamdulillah, All Praises to Allah for granting my prayers, for providing the rezqi that I can finally submit my thesis for DP, and that I understand what on earth my thesis was all about. At this stage of my PhD, I’d rather not say much about my project because it is still a work-in-progress. I need to secure my ideas for intellectual property purposes.

Anyway, here’s a picture of my D-day!

Proposal Defence

This was during my presentation

Faculty of Business and Management

Post-PD, and look at how relieved I was

Aside from PhD, I was also getting into terms with a support group for moms that I was added in. I couldn’t be bothered by this group initially because I thought ‘Alah, another FB support group and it’s just going to fill my timeline with stories that will later drain me’.

But i was blatantly wrong! After giving it a chance for about a week, I began falling in love with the people in there whom I have never met. One discussion after another, on that plain woman issues, I built interest with these people more than I could ever thought.

The Admin planned for a Raya Retreat for everyone, but capped at 40 pax only. Collected money from the participants, rented an Airbnb Bungalow in Cyberjaya, planned for the itinerary, no kids allowed and VOILA!!

Retreat for Mothers

This was da bomb diggity!

I don’t wish to reveal our FB group name and it’s a closed group btw. Unless if you’re interested to be part of our community, then send me a personal message and i’ll inform the particulars. It is not a non-profit group. It’s a profit driven one to be honest, because they sell jamu for ladies, it’s Jamu Lady Glory. And to retain the exclusivity and security of the members in the group (which falls under each members’ responsibility first), we even have commitment fees to cover for the administrative work.

But that doesn’t stop us moms to be part of it. This particular support system does not talk about mother-ing, birthing, nursing and other typical things mothers talk about. Instead, we bring books and intellectual discussions, workouts and exercises regime, beauty and self-help issues forward to exchange inputs.

Since we are all mothers who have lost ourselves over the years of caring for other souls, this platform isn’t meant to add the pressure of mother-ing, but to bring up the BEST in us again. To help us RISE beyond our doubts, to ESCALATE towards the younger us before motherhood came into the picture.

Alhamdulillah, they are God’s answer to my prayers. Insha Allah, I have risen again because I know I have them good friends who make me feel belonged while going through the hurdles of raising my kids.

That’s all for now ladies. I have several projects in line at post-PD and can’t wait to update you!

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