Redefining yourself

As I continue sailing my motherhood ark, I realise that I may have been looking too much on what I haven’t been. When I was 19, I wanted to be a financial consultant be it on corporate or personal matters because I love managing my money and spending them accordingly.

I also wanted to be the Central Bank Governor as Tan Sri Zeti Akhtar Aziz was and even is one of the figures I look up to. I wanted to work at GLC or big corporations and earn a fortune just so I can be technically assured that my retirement plan is going on steadily well. 

But guess what,  things changed the moment I tied the knot and all the way till I now. I am still in the midst of redefining myself. To be perfectly honest, I kinda regret my path although I know there are many beautiful souls out there who wish to be in my shoes. 

Although I am headed towards my other life plans,  I still find it hard to carry on from where my path diverted. But I believe I’m slowly keeping up with my life and it’s been pretty calming to have stumbled upon this saying here. Credit goes to TheHeartySould as I only got it from one of the WhatsApp text messages forwarded to me. 

But this TheHeartySoul guy has made my day tremendously. Yes,  I need to learn accepting changes,  diversion and flexibility.  Maybe I really wasn’t meant to take over the Central Bank leaderships (haha can’t believe I had such high hopes), because maybe I was meant to live life some other ways. And that ways could be as fun or perhaps even better than what I had left. Who knows! 

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