Moms, follow your intuition

My youngest broke her humerus bone. Wow that sounds so medicine! Here’s what actually happened. On 18th February 2018, my youngest aged 2y 5m fell from the couch and broke her right arm, just above her elbow. It’s what the medical practitioners termed as humerus bone. We were lucky that it was tiny fracture and there was no dislocation which would mean that it’s easily recoverable insha Allah. As I’m writing this, she’s been back on her feet jumping, screaming, running, fighting with her elder sister and not forget to mention, throwing tantrums just like any other 2 years old.

I was offering my Asr prayer when I heard loud cries from her, but I left it to her Dad to handle. But she cried so loud and non-stop that it got me thinking that something wasn’t right. And her elder sister came to me trying her very best with whatever vocabs that she has to explain to me that her younger sister just went through. Aww adorable daughter you are. You have a very big heart, girl. When I went to my little girl and asked her what’s wrong, she kept saying ‘sakit’ (painful), ‘sakit dekat tangan’ (my right arm is in pain). We couldn’t really figure out which part of her right arm that was giving the pain so we decided to go the hospital.

I decided to go to a private hospital X only because I’m very familiar with it. It’s where I went for my maternity check ups, deliveries twice, and all sorts of things that require medical attention. On our way there, my youngest cried her lungs out especially when we hit road bumps and loop holes. I put her on car seat because I didn’t think it would be any better if I carry her on my arms. It was also raining heavily, should accidents happen, having the risk of being thrown out of the car because of the inertia from the slippery road is the last thing I want to happen. Then again, it’s all up to you. I’m only sharing my thoughts here, in case you need a perspective about car seat during emergencies like this.

At the hospital, we were directed to Yellow Zone and sent for X-Ray. Unfortunately, the Doctor at the emergency department couldn’t detect any fracture, dislocation, swollen muscle, blood clots, nothing. He only prescribed us with Ibuprofen to ease the pain. He gave us the option to either get warded or go home so we opted for the latter because .. hey, nothing wrong right? Might as well sleep at home. But things got worse later that night. My girl cried the whole night, I couldn’t even lift her arm and that was when I knew something wasn’t right. Don’t tell me there’s nothing wrong if she was that bad.

My sis, who is also a Doctor, reminded me to follow what my heart says because a mom’s intuition plays a huge role in handling paedatric cases. So there I was, burning the midnight oil, staying up from dark till the break of dawn with my crying baby. Husband took the role the next morning so I could catch my beauty sleep. Woke up at 1.30pm and saw my daughter still lying on her mattress, cried every now and then. And we decided to seek for second opinion at a government hospital. We chose PPUM because of its location and that they have paedatric emergency.

Why didn’t we decide that earlier? I was about to lose my sanity from the staying up and that my daughter finally got to fall asleep near to the dawn. That’s why. We both got to sleep first.

So we went to PPUM, and the Doctor at the Paeds Emergency too couldn’t see anything wrong with her X-Ray Image from Hospital X. But she took the next step which was to transfer us to an Orthopaedic with another round of X-Ray screening. Long story short, the Ortho finally found where the fracture is. It was so light that he had to look into it closely. My daughter went to the Procedure Room to get her cast and voila!

What an experience girl! It was definitely something new for us and never had I ever handle a case like this. I’m glad she’s recovering well now. If everything is okay, she could probably take her cast off by next week insha Allah.

One major thing I learned from this eventful experience is that to always listen to your heart. What your heart desires, what it sense, what it calls for. You’re the parents to your own kids, you’ve been handling them all this while so you know when something goes awry. You could sense that you kids aren’t behaving the way they usually do. So please parents, seek for second, third, or even forth opinion until the diagnosis and treatment options are laid before you.

I thank Allah for this experience. It was one helluva ride. It also got me thinking about the parents with kids who need special, extra, or 24-hour attention. And how do they keep their heads up along the way? Mine isn’t that serious I know and that’s why my heart goes to all parents who deal with constant struggles in handling their kids. God bless you all, parents.

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