ZALORA-Mothers, Here’s Why It’s Normal To Not Have The New Year Spirit

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Hey y’all! How’s it going. I haven’t been writing for quite some time now, I know. Got caught with work and I have left you all unattended, my apologies. Anyway, here’s my latest article on ZALORA! Do check it out the original post, click on the link below.

“While most people look forward for the New Year that just arrived, that might not be the case for some. Some others even forgot that it’s the beginning of a brand new life because it has been the same old, same old. They might even have lost the excitement of entering a New Year due to the mundane routine in motherhood or even if they had, the spirit seems to have lost its way now that we have entered February.

This is the reality on motherhood with its potentially-dry daily tasks of chauffeuring, cooking, feeding, airing the laundry, folding the clothes and washing the dishes. And instead of making you feel guilty for not being the ‘cool’ mom who stands by her resolution, this article reminds you that it’s totally normal to have lost or even not possessing the New Year Spirit. Even if you did not set your New Year Resolution because you think that they’ll fade away in the first three months of the year, you’re only being real. And guess what? Yes, that’s true!

So mothers, here’s five whys to justify your feelings about the New Year Spirit.

1.       Face it, it’s not like an angel will be coming down to take over the chores in 2018. You’ll still have to wake up early morning tomorrow to keep up with the laundry. Same old, same old. Now that your routine has been established for the past few years, you have mastered the art achieving short-term and probably long-term goals too, even without having them written down or posted on social media….”


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