You Might Have These Signs of Postpartum Depression without You Realising

Hola everyone! So this week on ZALORA,  i talk about PPD which could also apply for fathers and they name it Paternal Post Natal Depression. Enjoy your friday reads! This was originally posted on THREAD BY ZALORA

Being a parent is not an easy task, we all know that. But the extent that the challenge is taxing has hardly been a discussion. In fact, today’s social media is filled with the perfectly filtered images of parenthood and motherhood that people don’t always portray the truth behind it. The puke on your clothing, the scream, the poop, the pee and the refusal to look at the camera, are all the struggles that could take up a huge portion of your patience because it happens daily. And having to deal with such battles every day could accumulate your stress which possibly will lead you to being totally demotivated with your life.

So I felt called to help those parents who might be having a hard time adapting to their new lives. Even if it might not take you out of your problems, at least the listed signs would aid you to come to your senses so you could channel them to the right way. Are you ready for some reality check? Here goes:

  1. You cry every single day for no reason, especially when there’s no one around
  2. You don’t find a purpose to live because tomorrow is just another day.
  3. You have lost your motivations to catch your dreams.
  4. You hate seeing your kids, you feel the distance.  And you just don’t seem to be able to feel the love that people have been saying.
  5. You don’t function at work. Task and deadlines mean nothing.
  6. Your house is in huge mess with piles of trash, dishes and laundry untouched.
  7. You feel empty inside.  Despite the constant help. Prayers and supplications mean nothing. You only perform them for the sake of performing.
  8. That no one understands you. When you share your struggle to accept your child, they seem to turn your feelings down. That they say it’s normal and you shouldn’t be worried.
  9. You shut yourself down from friends and family. Text messages, weddings and meet ups are left unattended
  10. You feel that your marriage is a mistake, having babies is inclusive.

Moms and Dads, if you ever felt any of this please seek help from the professionals. Go to public, semi-public or private healthcare institutions to do justice to yourself. As much as your physique needs their medication, your mental and emotional health deserve the same treatment too.

If none of your friends are willing to lend their hands, it’s time to take the matters into your own hands. Apply a leave from your boss, set an appointment with the hospital, grab you car keys and drive your way to betterment. Remember that you’re doing this for yourself because your life is as equally important as everyone else’s.

Anyway, do you have any other thoughts about signs of depression? List them in the comment box below so more people could relate to them. Even fathers need to pay attention too because Paternal Postnatal Depression is real. So buckle up guys!

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