No Easy Road-Patsy Whyte

I didn’t get to do November reading because I couldn’t get this book done by then.  So here’s your December reading,  an autobiography by Patsy (Patricia) Whyte. The author talked about her early life in the children’s home, where she lived in.  She was raised in an orphanage not because she lost her parents but out of poverty with her family traveller. She was taken by the local  council, to live in the care. I was surprised to read that due to her poor relationships with her parents,  she’d rather live in the home than with them. She didn’t even wanted to be seen with them, who were always drunk and had no stable jobs.

Coming from a family of 10, she didn’t really know some of her siblings bu she made efforts to reach them. So she portrayed her early life from about 4 to 16. About how she was raised in a very independent environment that no one cared much about their wellbeing, that the house mothers were always ignoring their feelings and how they coped with the freezing winter in Aberdeen. I loved reading her struggles so much because she would make me realise of how fortunate I am, and my kids are to live a decent life, to eat and sleep in such a cozy house.

She left the house at 16, and began living independently. She moved from one job to another, moved from one place to the next. The book also described in details about her young adventurous life but also with major trials and tribulations even to find a place to sleep or food to eat. There were times that she didn’t eat much in 12 hours and that’s very saddening.

As much as this book taught me about lessons in life, I am also a little disturbed by the flow that it has. The author tends to jump from one story to another, so trying to get back to the existing phase of life was a little challenging. Also, I find it that the book ends abruptly that she suddenly jump 30 years onward, after she left the voluntary job when she was 16. Since the early part of her life story has been described in particular, the author should have included a rather softer approach to end her book.

So that’s about it, this book is only suitable to the adults I’d say, due to some contents that are better left unread by the teenagers. If you’re interested to give it a go, head straight to Amazon and get yourself a nice book. Click on the image and make your purchase there for prices as low as USD $3!

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