[Disclaimer] In times of illness, I usually prioritise modern medicine over natural/alternative remedies, so it’s important for me to state that I applied medical cream to my daughter until her wound dried up. Then only I applied TASNEEM NATUREL BALM to moisturise her skin while hoping that it helps recovering the “burnt” spots.


You know, they say good things come to those who wait and I believe that it’s not just a mere saying. Last two weeks, my youngest daughter had some wounds on the forehead and the front part of her head. I guess it was from her frequent scratching especially before dozing off. It’s been her habit to scratch, and scratch, and rub her eyes, and scratch her head again and again when she’s about to fall asleep. Worse, I didn’t notice when the wound actually started, all I knew that her forehead was about to bleed.

I bought a cream from a pharmacy but it didn’t help much. As her wound dried up, it bled again because this girl was still into rubbing and scratching her head.

This was when it bled for 1 or 2 days. I couldn’t stand her irritation so I grabbed a scissors and cut her hair in the dark, in her bed just as in the picture. At 10pm, you only want to catch you sleep but when a toddler kept exasperating due to her inflammatory wound, a mom gotta do what a mom gotta do! The next day, I went to a nearby pharmacy to buy some small bandages and a surgical tape and walaah!

Mannn.. this is so walking down the memory lane back in school years when I joined Persatuan Bulan Sabit Merah (PBSM). It was actually quite easy to be honest and I could say that this method helps preventing her from scratching her forehead especially at night. So this time around, I applied Fucidin Antibiotic cream (which I found in my first aid kit drawer!) with the bandage on. It took about 2 days to get her wound totally dried up which made me so grateful. Her tissues started to rebuild. But I was still a little concerned if history would repeat itself because this girl scratches like there’s no tomorrow!

After several attempts of trying to figure things out, probably with some prayers and a little rant (hehe), a good thing happened. TASNEEM NATUREL BALM came in the mail just at the right time!! I got FOUR of them neatly wrapped, ensuring the item is safely arrived to the customers. Just a little effort that takes the seller a thousand miles ahead. I instantly unwrapped them and searched for SLEEP TIME.

So they have Sleep Time, Tummy Time, Calm Time, and CF Rub. Each has its own use but today, I’m going to give my verdict on Sleep Time since it helped toning down skin irritation that suits my girl’s situation best! More info about sleep in the image below ya.

Sleep time is made of Essential Oils from Cedar, Vetiyer, Roman chamomile, Sweet orange, Marjoram, Targerine fruit fermet, Ylang ylang. Apply them to your child as mentioned in the picture. I’m happy that SLEEP TIME has helped moisturising my girl’s skin that her wound changed from pinkish to merely clear. I know that the healing process is natural and that the medical cream had played its part but I think this balm did its job too.

Image on the left was taken on 13 November. The pinkish granulation tissue is a good sign that her wound is recovering am I right? Meanwhile, image on the right was taken on 16 November, after four days of applying SLEEP TIME by TASNEEM NATURAL BALM. Of course the medical cream and my girl’s natural healing process played their parts, but I believed that the balm has helped in some ways to bring her tissue back to normal too, because it moisturised her skin. I’m glad to say that this girl has nailed her little challenge and hey I survived too!


And if you’d like to see other balms, continue scrolling down!

This is Tummy time, to help reducing tummy discomfort. It smells a little pungent and feels quite warm like tiger balm.Tummy time is made of Fennel, Ginger, Wild mint, Tangerine, Patchouli, Lemongrass, Anise, Juniper Essential Oils. Hence, the little heat.

And this is Coughflu Time, or CF Rub. Doesn’t smell and heat much unlike Tummy Time. This product is made of Lemon, Sweet orange, Eucalyptus, Cypress, Tea Tree Essential Oils.

Finally, this is Calm Time, made of Lavender, Naval orange, Tangerine, Geranium, Marjoram, Frankinsense, Bergamot, Chamomile Essential Oils.


I decided to focus on SLEEP TIME because it really suits my current situation. Haven’t found much effects on other balms though but if you’d like to give them a try, head straight to their Facebook/ Instagram/ Website as listed below :




HOTLINE: 011-20964665 (ORDER) , 010-8453469 (DAFTAR AGEN & STOKIS)





Thank you all for reading my another typical motherhood challenges that I chose to pen because ten years down the road I’m going to browse through this post again and say, “Hey that wasn’t so bad after all!”

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