Morning walk on Lambton Quay

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I’m so glad I wrote this five years back, during my final undergraduate year in New Zealand. Just to share with you that at 19 (2009), I began questioning about my purpose of life. I wondered (and puzzled) why God created me? Exactly what does He want me to do? It all started when I entered Taylor’s, for my Pre-U years before leaving for New Zealand. Had a pretty hard time adapting to the new routine, so I tried getting back to God. You know they say, return to God in times of ease and hard.

So ya, I questioned about my fate, why was study so hard and college life was so different from school? And Alhamdulillah, He channeled my internal disputes and inquiries to something even better. That He brought me to realise that He created us all for two reasons; ‘Abid and Khalifah. As an ‘Abid, we serve Allah and do every.single.thing as an ibadah to Him. We eat, we drive, we play, we work for Allah. As a Khalifah, we lead the community to betterment, in way possible, be it small or big. So fast forward to 22 (2012), I wrote a poem wondering if the people in Wellington have found their purpose of life. Because having one would do so much good to you!

In remembrance of my everyday view a few years back, here goes. My Morning Walk on Lambton Quay:

Here in Wellington,
I live in a humble abode that is pretty well known
for its location close to the Uni and near to the town.

Everything is reachable.
Getting to the supermarket is walkable,
and the food is always available.

But one for sure is a little challenge,
that is to reach Pipitea Campus with diligence.
The walk is never less than 15 minutes,
Well, that’s the least that I can fit. =p

Despite all, I always love the morning breeze,
to witness people rushing in their walk and talk,
Oh, with a cup of coffee to complement their matter.
That brings me to ponder,
If people have heard and willing to bother
on things usually outside our daily wonder.

Things like, the purpose of life
and the reasons to strive?
And I’d ponder on mine too, assessing if it has been discovered.
Realising that many have thought of this,
but less would actually work on it,
It’s a bless if I’m excluded,
which I hope to be, Insha Allah..

What’s great about the morning walk,
is the smile and grin that everyone gives.
The adorable children in their school outfit.
The squeezed adults in James Cook Hotel’s lift
getting down the street in town.
Blissful final semester, for we’ve all been safe and sound.

And Yih Ling, if you happen to read this don’t forget to buzz okay! Haven’t heard from you for ages girl!

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