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This is rather a little info about where one can find a place to sit back and relax. A review of an eatery where one can take as a monthly escapism.

Since I’m still a Shah Alamite by heart, I love going to Shah Alam for almost everything. Food, car wash, salon, clothes, everything in Shah Alam. That includes taking Dani Dana Takoyaki as my go-to eatery once a month. They offer a variety of Japanese and Korean options from mouth numbing spicy ramen to the normal food for the non-adventurous (non-spicy) ones. No offense y’all but how do you enjoy food without some hot kick?

Okay enough talking. Allow me to share some pixelated memories of my lunch for two the other day.

I went there with my husband, took it as a de-stress medium after went through a pretty dry experience of handling my daughter who went under the weather for four days. We all need some fun in life, no? Here’s how I treat mine.

So we had two takoyaki soba, 

(RM8.90 each roughly)

a plate of taekbokki, (RM 6 roughly)

a plate of 5 gyozas (RM 6 roughly)

a box of 4 takoyakis (RM 6 roughly)

2 drinks that cost us RM7 

Which brought us to RM42.10 in total

Alhamdulillah for such a wonderful Japanese and Korean breeze at affordable price with relaxed atmosphere. The food was great and price was even better. Takoyaki soba was good, the soup was full of flavour and noodle is cooked with perfection. I feel healthy already! If you’re a spicy freak like me, there 3 chili options, kicap cili padi, cili sauce, and chili flakes.

The takoyaki was so fluffy I’m gonna die! Topped with some fish flakes, mayonaise and some sauce, it gave a great “Japanese begedil” experience. I ordered squid takoyaki so it gave some chewy to it. The drinks were awesome! We ordered Milk Green Tea and Honey Lemon for RM3.50 each and that was worth every sip!

Teokpokki added some spice to the meals. And gyoza was pleasant. They served it with some sauce I don’t know maybe BBQ Sprinkled with spring onion for some refreshing bites.

I treasure moments like this especially after going through “hell” with my kids. And this brought me to call upon mothers, all mothers whose baby just cried for milk, whose dishes are piled in the sink, whose laundry been accumulating since Monday *gasp at mine*.

That we all need to learn to take a chill and enjoy the present moment. Even if it means treating yourself with your favourite iced cappuccino. I’m saying this to myself because I literally get pissed off with my kids every day. So figuring out some feasible ways to bring a smile to my face again is what I need so direly.

l always tell myself, find something I love, and go for it. Do what I love. I love writing, blogging, and a little reading (I’m not a heavy reader to be honest), so make time for it even in a whim. because face it y’all, with kids climbing on your back, you can’t always schedule a time for yourself and let alone to make it work.

I too, have to make time to replenish, restore, relive the moments of love with my husband because I became a wife before a mother. And truth be told, there were times when I hate looking at him and I wish we live separately. But don’t get me wrong, he’s a super duper nice guy. It’s just me who are taking things too hard. Maybe I’m still learning to adapt to the new life although we’ve been married for almost 5 years now. Or maybe this is simply part and parcel of life? of married life? or married life with kids?

I bet it is.

Had marriage been easy to everyone, there wouldn’t be so many divorce cases been recorded. And I’m not afraid to utter such phrase because that is the real truth. That it takes tonnes of patience and tolerance to keep your wedlock alive. That it requires you to put others first before yourself. Your spouse, your kids. Their clothes, their meals first before yours. And these justify even more the needs for you to make time and rejuvenate your relationship.

Technically, to preserve your shared life, the two of you have to play your parts. Make time for one another, do something special occasionally. It doesn’t have to be great, neither it needs to be grand. Just a sweet escapism together like going for a lunch at a Japanese eatery in Plaza Shah Alam! Anyway, here’s the facebook link to Dani Dana Takoyaki in case I have made you desire to satisfy your taste buds :  FACEBOOK DANI DANA TAKOYAKI

Toodles! Enjoy your takoyaki

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