Allow me to have a different view about life

Ever since I changed my marital status, it feels a little bit difficult to compose be it poem or general writings. So praises be to Allah that I’m back in front of this same blog that has been my best company throughout my journey of writing.

This round of composition is about my view on life and how it changed from A to B. I have always thought that successful life is defined by how much you earn. Say as a fresh graduate, he/she is expected to work with a renowned company that pays him/her a starting salary of ~RM2700. I also thought that success is deemed to be based on the position that you hold at your workplace or any organisations that you are under. And I will straight away look up to any woman who holds any of these.

But changes slowly took place once I detected another pumping heartbeat in me. I became more sensitive on current news about daycare, buang anak, illegitimate child, child abuse and anything to do with children. Yet, it wasn’t easy to let go of my job offer so I decided to begin working while fighting against my morning sickness which made me sick not only in the morning but throughout day and night. God knows how life was… First time working, first time pregnant, first year marriage.. You think it’s easy? I previously thought it was and hell I was wrong.

Upon entering the third trimester, my heart gave a thought on who’s gonna look after my baby. Where shall I leave her everyday when I went to work. Who’s gonna make sure she’s well fed when I’m stuck in the office till 9, 10 pm? Call me a typical woman, but I just wish to make sure that I’m running my real duty as a mother.

By this, I certainly do not mean that women should refuse working and be a stay-at-home mother (SAHM). It’s up to individuals since some parents have the privilege to place their children with their in-laws or neighbours whom they have known very well. But what I mean is that it’s important to have a broader perspective about life and what carries a successful life. Money and position are crucial to make a living and so does quality time with family because it will help shaping your children.

Look at today’s young housewives or self-employed mothers. They too make huge sum of money from their businesses. In fact, they are the ones who conduct numerous social activities and volunteering work to help others in need. And I salute them because they get to raise their children and the community to a higher state of living. That’s killing two birds with one stone!

So, to be a working or non-working mother (who came out with such term anyway? because SAHM work too, 24/7 without annual leaves, no pay, let alone bonus. Mannnn you ladies are strong inside out!), it’s really your choice. In fact, the community needs to take it positively if a careered mother suddenly says she wish to let go of her job and do something else instead.

To all mothers in the world, may Allah grant you strength in carrying the responsibilities. Work at home, work at office, not working, self-employed, or employed it’s all up to you. You decide what works for you and your family. And as much as people would want to be respected, they should first respect the mothers who have made up their minds about where their career path leads to.

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