3 Jari Daripada Tuhan

My childhood dream just came true! Actually I wanted to be a singer and actress. I even went for a 6-year course on personal and professional communication, speech and drama class that I got a diploma out of it. That’s just how passionate I am in stage performance. But as I grew older and realised that my passion in writing has its strong potential too, I decided to focus on this instead.  But deep inside, stage performance still has a soft spot in my heart.  

While some people enjoy sketching,  colouring and designing, I love writing so much.  When I was in New Zealand for my degree, I wrote poems on almost any issues.  Women,  peace,  faith,  relationships, the hustle and bustle down in Lambton Quay, anything.  But it wasn’t as easy as writing because I really had to squeeze my brain and filter the best of the best idea to compose poems. As I came home for good and began adulting,  which is not that fun after all,  I kinda have a harder time to come out with one anymore. Hopefully I can pickup from where I left with the help of apps and technologies these days.

Anyway y’all,  I’m so happy to share with you that my first book, the one about an anecdote of an OKU businessman,  Khairul Nizam 3 Jari Daripada Tuhan is brought to stage! Like, for real? Good gracious! This is one of my biggest childhood dream ever! God is So Great that He granted my wish 15 years later without me expecting it at all. I mean, I did hope for theatre of film producers to make a play or movie out of my book but what just happened was utterly surprising. I didn’t see this one coming so soon. 

And last night, Nizam and I were invited to watch the play and boy was I a happy author. Listening to them reciting word.by.word from my book is super amazing. I was over the moon to see the story I wrote is illustrated on the stage witnessed by the ASWARA Rector, staff, students and the public. Alhamdulillah for the rezqi, for the chance to see my dream coming into reality. I went with my friend and reached there at around 7.40pm. Got free seats, treated as VIP and mannnnn I could easily get used to that you see! Okay back to the story, while waiting for the door to open, we offered our isya’ prayer. Then they brought me to the green room (I don’t know why people call it green, since there is usually not a single green item in most green rooms). Then we entered the theatre hall.

A little opening speech from the emcee, and voila! Magic happened!

The performance picked up bits and peaces from the book and portrayed them very very well. The chronology was clearly delivered. With the background sound, lighting and image added, our emotions rose to the occasion and I could here some snots here and there. People shed some tears! Like, OMG. This is one of the greatest achievements a writer could get, and of course performers would want to reach too! The play went for an hour. I loved it when they played around with lights to bring up certain emotions like panic, suspense, sad and enlightened. The audio was great and of course, the performers’ voice projection was clear too.  Due to the limited allowable space per attachment, I could only share this with you because other snippets are pretty lengthy.

This is the beginning of the play, when they described Nizam’s condition as a baby. Those words are literally from the book! Except for the song.

A little summary about the book ya, it’s an anecdote (short biography) about a 28-year-old OKU businessman, Khailrul Nizam bin Wahiddin who was born in Port Klang, as a normal, adorable baby. But it was when he was one that his mother realised that he couldn’t walk properly. As he started schooling, his mother, Pn Norizan, had to tie him to her bicycle while sending him to school because otherwise he would fall. They came from a very poor family, they were squatters.  In transition from sekolah kebangsaan to sekolah agama,  her mother showered the kids under some shady trees, changed their clothes in their van, fed them and continued with her work while they went to sekolah agama.

Pn Norizan, Khairul Nizam, Zayana Yusof

His mother worked 2, 3 jobs at once.  At the school bookstore and at night market selling satay. She did businesses too,  nasi lemak, pisang goreng, opened a grocery store at the front of their house. But since small businesses weren’t that lucrative sometimes, she had to switch from one business to another. This is the real deal in motherhood man. To bring up your kids making sure they are well fed and educated in any means possible. Since they lived in poverty,  things were difficult in many ways because the father’s pay wasn’t enough for the 8 of them. With an OKU son, and 5 other small kids, I’m very sure life was tough for her and her husband. Her courage and hard work are all worth it that she’s able to raise a wonderful son whose heart is made of steel.

She went through mockeries for keeping Nizam at home instead of sending him to OKU boarding school.  But she remained steadfast with her decision because she knew what was the best for him. This is so real in motherhood because people will always question your move. And what would keep you moving is when you ditch all those negative thoughts to focus on yourself and your family.  Yes we all need some advices and reminders but we need to be able to differentiate those from the ridicules.

Oh,  nizam is the first born and he was so determined to improve his family’s state of living because he knew that it’s his responsibility as the eldest brother.  Despite his feeble physical abilities, his soul screamed the opposite and today, he proved himself right.

He ventured into online business in 2005. Those days when Yahoo Messenger was a THING, he made money out of it. His first online business was prepaid cards and sim cards. He’d join chat rooms and make his sales from there. Eh who would’ve though of such ways to make money? I’m pretty sure we only made friends in online platform back then. But this dude is a champion. He’s one of a kind because he was able to think out of the box, went through the road not taken to change his mundane life into extraordinary.

As the one who wrote his life story, I learned tremendously. That I should always be grateful for my life because there are many of those out there who struggle to even eat and walk, the little things that we always take for granted. I should learn from Nizam’s fiery soul and find ways to be a better me. If troubles come knocking, don’t lament but figure things out. If rezqi approaches, I am to make the most out of it. Thank you for the chance to know Nizam in person and I am honoured to have written his story.

So y’all, if you wish to find some motivations from the top dog because he nailed his poverty, get yourself a copy from the publisher, Sifu FB Ads Press Sdn Bhd. [CLICK HERE] And if you have done your reading, don’t forget to share your thoughts with me! I’d love to hear some ideas, feedbacks, and what you learned from his life.

I guess that’s all for now. Thank you so much for reading all the way til the end of my post. Thank you for supporting me and Nizam with our book. May Allah reward you abundantly! And if you enjoy reading my blog, don’t forget to subscribe so you won’t miss out on my updates!

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