Just as I thought a Mom doesn’t deserve a birthday treat

As far as my memory stretches, I remember being super excited for my birthday that I looked forward to it even a few days before. I’d make a huge fuss about it to my parents and siblings that “hey, I’ll turn ** years old in no time!”.  Then my mom would reciprocate (maybe because she pitied me) saying that she’s happy for me too. My dad, would respond according to his mood and if it’s not his 8pm news hour. My siblings? They couldn’t be bothered -_-“

Once, my dad came home from work with a KFC family bucket, hot and spicy I reckon because that satisfies our taste buds best and I felt so loved.
A few years later I think he reached home with a tricycle, then in another year a bicycle for her youngest (and most adorable daughter, ahem) and boy was I a happy girl!
As teenage years approached, I was still thrilled by the idea of adding a digit to my age. I’d expect my friends and family to wish me Happy Birthday and hey some gifts would do great!

Then as I grew older,  birthday doesn’t seem to call for a celebration anymore. With such responsibilities and souls to care for (motherhood of course) the idea of celebrating the October 5th slowly faded away.  I’d always been excited to see myself turning a year older though.

So today  I turned 27. Still young in the eyes of some and pretty old for others.  But rest assured, I thought that today is just going to be another thursday with the morning rush of sending my girls to school.  The younger peed and wet her mattress when I was already set to take them to the car.  Had to drop everything down, the bags and car keys, to clean her up.

When the elder saw that her sister is being washed she wanted to pee too. So I decided to shower them both and left the hose open for them to play with while I settle the dirty mattress.

It’s just another thursday of extended morning rush because someone wet mattress.

It’s just another thursday of doing work at home and stuck in her Literature Review and Methodology,  while being unable to relate the Research Gap with her Research Objectives.  Look at how much work I still have to do.

I thought it was just another thursday until I received text messages from my dear friend asking to go for a lunch together.

And this is when my perception about my 27th birthday being normal and lame and nothing special changed.  All because this dear friend Dila decided to treat me!

Oh I got myself a box of brownies and managed to pack some for her. This is when I feel even more lame. You see, the birthday girl bought a cake for herself. How much dull can a birthday be?

Took uber  and voila!


Thank you Dila for spending your time on me. The time that would have been spared on work to meet you datelines. (for the record, she was still able to submit her work in time).

Thank you for spending your pay and your fuel on me, for making me feel loved again, for making me feel special, far from any privation.  I’m happy, I’m content, I feel enough with what I have. And I pray to Allah to keep me and you in His guidance.

“Be grateful and We will add (in your favour)”

Thank you for shifting the way I see my life.  Was about to give up on cherishing my birthday when you suddenly came into the picture.

Thank you for showing the way to be happy despite the struggles from work and family,  for showing the means to take a chill,  and most importantly for sharing your stories of ups and downs with me.

I cherish this friendship soooo much because we’ve been through many phases of motherhood together. And I am proud to say that I have a very special friend to share my journey with.

Thank you for making my day!


Reached home at 3, did more work and picked up my girls from school.  They remember once or twice that it’s my birthday.

They sang the HAPPY BIRTHDAY, the ALLAH SELAMATKAN KAMU,  and the MAY ALLAH BLESS YOU song.  Awwww I was so touched!

But they did it out force actually.  -_-”

“Girls,  it’s my birthday. Don’t you want to sing some songs to me? Happyyy birthdayyyy tooo…. “

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