Writing is Therapeutic

So vintage I know. Who still use a typewriter? 

Back during the school years, I developed a huge interest in writing. I even took Literature in English for SPM (2007) due to my passion in reading and analysing texts. Remember Penulisan Bahasa Malaysia, the last section where you had to compose a pretty long essay from the listed options? Two of them being factual writing and creative writing. 

I always chose the former because I didn’t have chemistry with the latter. You see, my best friend kept saying that my stories were dull because I always failed at creating climax so I should just stick to karangan fakta. And hey, I LOVED IT SO MUCH! And that’s what best friends do, we tell the truth because we want our pals to excel in what they are great at. If you’re reading this, thanks heaps Alia! 
Writing is also in my blood because I take after my parents, especially my dad. Alhamdulillah we have the ability to put our feelings into words and structure our ideas so readers could see the flow nicely. This is a gift from the Almighty so I thought I should make use of it. Through this blog and the anecdote I produced

With this, I really want to call upon moms and the rest of my readers to start jotting down your life stories. If you’re bad at constructing sentences, or that you always run out of time, do bullet points. If you always misplace your journal or diary, sign up for a blog and begin your journey there where writing can be made everywhere with the presence of internet.

I don’t know, writing just makes me calm. It gives tranquility to me. This blog is where I can be myself (although I know, I can’t tell everything about my life here. Heck the world is reading!). And if you feel like you’re lacking something, try to relocate your passion after all these years of mothering so you could be yourself again at least for a little while before fetching your kids from school.

Come and tell me, what’s your passion?

Do you draw? Do you colour? Do you sketch? Do you run? Do you zumba?

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2 thoughts on “Writing is Therapeutic

  1. Unknown says:

    no, i dont write, i dont colour, zumba, and all..
    but yeah maybe, i like netflix-ing (if i have the time), or just browsing the internet would at least release my day a little 🙂

    oh yes i do pour down my feelings (sometimes) in my personal blog (in bullet points) as then again, i don't like writing

    but excuse the research papers and all 🙂


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