Rezeqi comes in many ways

This evening the doorbell rang, opened the gate and to my surprise a delivery for me! It’s an adorable, little dUCk drawing book. I was speechless for a few seconds because who on earth just spent RM50 on a pretty, white perforated pages book on me? I mean hello, that person was very kind to have me in her thoughts because one could buy so many nasi lemak with such amount or eat 10 packets of chicken rice which would last them for a week! But that person chose me over the good stuff.
She is none other than my dear friend, AG. I cannot mention her name or tag her on Facebook but she allowed me to use her initials.  And all I want to say is AG,  I LOVE you SO MUCH babe. Thank you for your unconditional support all this while. Since we both entered motherhood about the same time, the friendship simply bloomed! We weren’t that close before until we carpooled to Janda Baik in late 2014 and we simply love each other’s company since then.She’s one of the main reasons I keep on writing.  She’d read and share all my blogposts and never fails to ask for my latest article on ZCOOP. Literally EVERY WEEK never fails and then she’d SHARE them on facebook. Oh God what did I do right that you sent such a friend to me? I am beyond thankful for her presence because I wouldn’t have reached this far in writing and blogging had she not came into my life.
This is the book. Isn’t it cute? Picture from FashionValet [dot] com
Now this is what I call rezeki.  The blessings that God bestowed upon you when He gave a friend to be there through thick and thin. In times of hard and ease. In rain and shine, thunder and lightning. It’s like, come what may because I know my AG is going to be there for me even if it means only through WhatsApp text messages. And knowing that she’s one-text away is already soothing. I will try to reciprocate insha Allah even although I know, I usually take longer than usual to reply your messages. 
But that’s the reality in our friendship! If one send a text messages today she’ll get her reply on the same day if she’s lucky enough. Otherwise, wait for tomorrow or the day after because the other person is simply packed with work or too engrossed with being a mother. That said, we share many stories together. The work, the kids, the house, even the siblings’ updates.
“Youuu, do know my sister… bla bla bla”
Wait lah for the next day to get your reply “Ohhh ic. I didn’t know that… What do you think.. bla bla bla..”
And then next day “Ohhh.. I think….bla bla bla”
In fact, we don’t see each other that often. We used to meet up every week when we were in the same usrah group but that was over three years back and ironically, the friendship only started to strengthen when we parted ways. Despite the distance, I will always see you as my rezeki because God knows how much friends mean to me.  I can’t ride the motherhood wave all by myself. I need companies! And you know what? I can proudly say that you are one of them!
And I believe that this dUCk drawing book that surprised me today is a manifestation of rezeki by Allah. That Allah loves one so much He allots rezeki to His servants in the best appropriation to suit one’s needs. If one needs a best friend whom she would endeavour her motherhood journey with, then be so. Allah knows best.  
Also guys, I am also reminded that God doesn’t burden a soul beyond what one can endure. He may assign you with many adversities in life or that He always put you in calamity. But the trials often come with a package that He sends some good friends to help you out,  if not your family.  
Just as God said in Surah al-Insyirah (The Relief,  94)  verse number 6 : “Verily with hardship,  there is ease”. ‘with’ in this context is along the way.  So alooonnggg the hardship,  there is my AG. There is my ease. 
Looking at this from motherhood perspective, I learn that aside from marching forward with the multiple roles that we are playing, remember to cherish the various rezeki that surround us.  The food, the health, the plans that run smooth,  the healthy kids in which the opposite situation would cause so much headache, and of course the friend who loves you so much that she spent Rm50 of her pay on you. Even if your best friend didn’t get a dUCk drawing book for you, that doesn’t make them any lesser because just as marriage, friendship doesn’t stand solely on materials.
Try to look back to the times when your friend was literally there for you. Say treat you for a dinner after work because she knew how stressed you were with your boss, or when she dropped by your house to see if things are alright, or that she always said yes to your little food adventure and share your salads together, or when she never fails to pick up your call and listen to your stories while cruising through the traffic jam. These are expressions of love and support in a friendship that one should regard as rezeki from Allah. Because having such support is a blessing. And I pray that Allah grant you His love abundantly and add more to your favour.
Thank you again AG. Jazakillahu khair. May Allah repay your kindness abundantly.  I’m always keen for another round of Boat Noodle with ya! 

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2 thoughts on “Rezeqi comes in many ways

  1. Farah says:

    Saya setuju dgn awak zayana. banyak rezeki yang Allah bagi datang dalam macam2 bentuk. Kita yang kena selalu fikir-fikirkan dan lepastu banyakkan bersyukur

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