3 basic ways to prepare for motherhood : READ, LISTEN, WATCH

Preparing for motherhood

Many expectant parents, including myself obviously or else I wouldn’t have been this stressful, tend to take parenting for granted. Now that you are expecting, you are excited that you’re physically fit for pregnancy and so that you could escape the deadly question of “when are you going to have a baby”  from the aunties and uncles. Then again friends, motherhood is beyond that. And you really have to prepare yourself for the job that has no turning back.Before your life change forever, do your homework well.

Get as many knowledge as possible about pregnancy, labor, post-partum and parenting. I understand that your present commitments are occupying enough so I thought a 3-simple steps to welcome motherhood would sound feasible. Apart from clothes, cot and mitten and booties, here’s how you could prepare yourself before motherhood arrives.

1. Read 

I can’t stress enough how important reading is to expectant parents. If you can’t afford to read books due to time constraints or you find it pretty troublesome to carry them around, opt for e-books apps or .pdf versions of your book of choice. These are easily available in your phone and can be readily accessed anytime, anywhere. Reading blogs or websites would do too because hey at least you know what the Stages of Labor are and that’s way better than entering the labour room without knowing what to expect. Do your homework so you could make informed decisions about your life and your loved ones.Here’s one that I find very, very useful to equip myself for pregnancy, labor and motherhood. With the use of layman terms, these doctors nailed it in delivering their messages to the readers. This book talks about each stages in pregnancy and how your body changes, each stages of labour and how your body gears up for labor, as well as coping with the 6-week confinement. Even mat salehs have confinement? Yes they do.

Also,  a blog that I always find soothe in, http://findingjoy.net ,  the author just know how to put our motherhood perspectives in words and boy she’s very very great at that.  Her writing makes me feel normal again,  as a mom.  She would wipe my tears and brush my worries away. And she has been one of the reasons I commit to writing and carry on with motherhood.

2. Listen 

Listen to labor, post-partum and motherhood stories from your friends, siblings and relatives because you could get their real experiences and learn from their mistakes. When they say “pump your milk, make your expressed breast milk (ebm) stock during confinement because once your maternity leave ends, pumping can be inconvenient especially when you have one meeting after another”, then listen to their advices. When your sisters and cousins have told you how your relationship would change after popping your baby, then cherish every moment with your spouse before life turns upside down.

Take note of and critically analyse their experiences and remember to take it with a pinch of salt because our life stories differ.

3. Watch

Not just movies but documentaries and reality shows like Supernanny, One Born Every Minute, and all sorts of relaxation techniques available on youtube. Subscribe to the channel and watch you videos before going to bed. Make this as a habit and you’ll be surprised to find how much knowledge you have gathered over the past 9 months!I know you’re looking forward for the day when you officially become a mom but that doesn’t warrant you to overlook your homework. Parenting isn’t just about feeding, bathing and putting your kids to sleep but it’s about shaping them in every angle. Their attitude, their principles, and the way they perceive life. And that, my friend, is one tough job.

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