ZCOOP-Moms, Remember To Take Your Chill Pill

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Life can get pretty tough at times with the deadlines at the office, being pressured by your boss and a week worth of laundry waiting to be settled. Don’t get me started with the kids’ school work, the bills, the mortgage and the bank account balance that screams deathbed. All this are strenuous commitments that you have to deal with and it could make you snap if you choose to take your well-being for granted.
So moms, as much as you are cloaked in guilt every time you go for a ‘girls meet up sesh’ while leaving behind the kids at home with their dad, you should learn to cherish these moments:
1.  Take pleasure in every sip of your iced cappuccino in the car while going through the crazy traffic.
2. Enjoy the very last moments of tranquillity before fetching your kids and hey, it doesn’t make you any less worth. I’m sure all working moms do this!
3. Treasure the lunch hour because this is when you can experience your food without interruptions from those cute little hands of your kids.
4. Set aside a portion of your pay to reward yourself some treats for surviving another month. Probably some sundaes or a new blouse? Whatever you desire!
5. Indulge yourself in activities that make you happy. Retail therapy within your budget, reading, listening to music, or simply blogging!
6. Have the benefit of doing your business in the bathroom by enjoying some few minutes of sovereignty.
Because you truly need to take care of yourself physically, mentally and even spiritually knowing that other souls are relying on you for a decent life. Yes motherhood is taxing and since there is nowhere out of it, you have to find ways to sustain your endurance level.
Although in reality, things might go awry and you feel doomed but motherhood requires you to have the ability to stand up on your feet again and run the motherly duties. This is what set motherhood different from other jobs and no, you are not going to give up. In fact, you don’t have to because one way of surviving motherhood is by taking your chill pill consistently.
Speaking of which, it would be great to know your personal health prescription. Share with us what ‘pills’ do you consume in order to get the chill effect? Drop your story in the comment below because we look forward to reading them!

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