Invited to GMI for a Book Talk!

I was so occupied with work this week because I was aiming to complete certain things by Merdeka eve. But I feel a little empty inside because I haven’t been writing here much for this month when this blog is where my heart lies in.
So something came up in the midst of my work. Out of the blue moon, I got an invitation from German-Malaysian institute (GMI) for a Book Talk. It’s their Library Week and they are inviting authors to their campus.

My session was scheduled on Friday,  2.30-3.30pm.  This was my first time conducting such event, didn’t really have proper knowledge, but I thought hey just give it a go! It’s my own book anyway, I wrote it so explaining it shouldn’t be that hard eyh.
Anyway, the 38-km journey took me about one hour to reach there,  from KL.  Sesat a little. But it was generally good.
When I reached there, my dear friend welcomed and led me to the venue. Laid my books,  ‘hired’ a cashier among the students to handle the sales,  and the session began!
I congratulate the students for making it there even on Friday noon,  they rock. Introduced myself and let them know how writing is therapeutic from some people like me.  They are students from industrial design and some sort of hybrid related -tronics I forgot what.  So writing and business are pretty alien to them.  Oh they are 19ish by the way, under diploma programme.

Remember I was a part-time lecturer before? It’s been a while since I spoke before students like this. Hehe.
So back to the story, I had a great time explaining my first masterpiece to them and they enquiried quite a lot too.  It took them a pretty long time to warm up honestly even when I had offered 3 FREE BOOKS to the three most participative students.
Hehe that’s quite normal, no?
But ya, I hope they enjoyed my session. I put so much effort to make it lively. Prepared slides with pictures. And they set their eyes on me all the time! So I take that as a positive sign.

Thank you GMI. Thanks heaps students, when you have money don’t forget to get a copy of my book ok!

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