ZCOOP- How to Treat Mothers with Postpartum Depression (PPD)

Today’s appearance on ZCOOP Malaysia, A ZALORA Digital Magazine, is about dealing with those who suffer from PPD. As one of them, I feel obliged to pen the basic things in handling us but this post shouldn’t be the excuse for PPD moms to expect others to empathise without you trying to control yourself ya. Because it takes two to tango!

Anyway, here’s an excerpt

1.  Be normal, like nothing happened. Instead of greeting them with “Are you okay babe?” out of the blue moon, try to ask normal stuff like “Hey, how’s it going?” Because if they choose to open up, then they’ll do so. Otherwise, just chill..

2.  Lend your hands to do simple acts of kindness. Carry their bags, buy them food for lunch, grab their favourite slurpee at 7e or give them a ride especially if they are still not confident about sitting behind the wheels.
3.  Give them a text asking how they are doing and remind them that you are only one call, one text away. So going for a coffee is always possible.
4.  Try not to ask so much especially when their baby cries because the situation is already staggering. Not having too much enquiries about why the baby is being grumpy would do wonders.”

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