When there is no way out of motherhood

People might be wondering, why would you want to get out of motherhood when others are dying to be in? One should be grateful instead because God has granted the chance for them to experience this amazing journey because some waited for years for it! 
Yes we know that folks but motherhood has its own challenges too, no? 
I always give this analogy to those who pondered on this particular matter, that you are free to tender a resignation letter to your employer if you feel like it. But there’s no such thing as motherhood. Even marriage is possible but not for motherhood because the bond will never break. 
And the thought of it is already overwhelming. 
Let alone the constant rushing, the morning rush especially before getting to work, the sacrifice of night sleep, of one’s aspirations in life and career, because motherhood could take you back from chasing dreams if you run the duty solely on your own, that is. 
My youngest daughter has been down with fever since Monday. What I thought was a normal fever turns out to be quite serious because he white blood cell is 18 (normal is between 4 and 11). No wonder her temperature doesn’t seem to go down. I really thank God that both my husband and I work on our own so attending to her while work is A-OK. This really is a huge parenthood prerogative. 
What  astonishes me the most, at times like this, is how the full-time working moms deal with the situation. It must’ve been hard getting that look for your boss for taking emergency leaves, or rushing to the school to fetch their kids and bring them to the doctor. You ladies really have my utmost respect. 
And all I can say is, hang in there moms. Since there’s no way out of motherhood might as well we learn to enjoy it. Get your favourite coffee or book, or simply the movie in your to-watch list and go hit the play button! 
 I’m very much struggling too, to accept this journey, just as you. 

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