The first time I opened up about postpartum depression

This was written way back in February 2014, on the second month of my postpartum. When I though that such feelings were temporarily short, it’s been 3.5 years now! And this baby girl is turning preschooler soon! 

It’s quite funny though to see how I really tried to take things easy at the very early stage of motherhood. Hey at least I attempted okay. Anyway, I thought of sharing it here, especially to those who are new to my blog. Can I see some hands please! Alrighttyyy thank youuu (cakap sorang-sorang, i know)


My baby is paying back her sleep now and that brings me to have some time for blogging. Hehe. Anyway, here goes a topic on post natal; Postpartum Depression or “Meroyan” like the Malays call it. It may occur moderately or severe depending on the mother (i think) and the environment that she is in. As for me, I personally didn’t really believe in it until on my 5th week of postpartum.

Things began to be pretty bad when I couldn’t stand Nusaybah crying and I marveled that she could cry for around two to three hours just to be lifted up. Where did she get the energy from?
Also, it was on 5th week that I began looking after Nusaybah on my own especially on bathing. We had a confinement lady staying with us for three weeks and she kind of did the bathing and washing. So let’s just say I started being a real Mom when she left and many have reminded me, it ain’t easy.

The early-morning wake ups are undeniably challenging, where mothers will usually feed their babies, change their diapers, and take them back to sleep. Nevertheless, I must admit that this is pretty alright thinking that others have to bear with their babies crying the whole night without knowing the reason why. 

So why stressed up only on the 5th week? Because the confinement lady was not there anymore, hence my workload added together with the remaining body aches from giving birth? And then I tried to pull myself out from this dilemma, by bringing myself closer to The Creator who made ease and hard on things as He pleases. By this, I mean Zikrullah, that is one of the means to make it happen as mothers during this period could not pray and recite the Quran though the latter is arguable. 

Simply talk to Him, and He’ll respond through tranquility. The next thing you know, things are quite alright and you’re starting to get the hang of it. 

It was We who created man and We know what his soul whispers to him: for We are nearer to him than (his) jugular vein 
(Surah Qaf 50:16)


And three years later,  i wrote all this 


And I honestly don’t know why I left out #1 and #2 in my stories. My apologies guys. Life was too gloomy to manage things in order. Haha

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