If I were not a mother

Recently my friend posted an FB status about had it not been for her kids, she would have stayed in the architecture line. And she’s now a successful mompreneur based in Penang, founder oF RADIMATE (clothes anti-wrinkle spray). This is not a sponsored post ya, I’m just marveled by her achievements and seeing where she is now inspires me to focus on my dreams.  And reading her status and the comments that followed made me ponder on my life too. 
Since I became a mother at 23, life changed in so many ways because I married a single father, whose son lives with us and that made me a mother right away. Anyway, don’t get me wrong, our son is amazing! It’s just the thought of what would I do had babies never came out of me three years back worth a blog post. 
1. I would be in the corporate world, most probably a certified accountant 
2. I would be jostling for the Gabenor Bank Negara post, which was my dream when I was 19. Seriously dude!
3. I would be writing articles on personal finance
And where am I actually now? 
1. A postgraduate student
2. An author
3. A blogger, guest author
It’s kinda amazing though, to see how my life diverted from what I planned it to be. Just as God says, 

“you plan, God plans and God is the best planner” 

I have to be honest that I hate it when my plans go awry. The same with how I missed the chance to chase my initial dreams. I’m still glad that I wrote this feelings here so I could really give it a thought and reflect on what I have achieved so far instead of lamenting the ones that I don’t. 
Guess we all have to be flexible and learn to live with content! 
So what’s your “if i were not” story?

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