How Will Your Relationship Change After Bearing a Baby

So if last week’s story was about adapting to the new routine of being a mother, my latest post on ZCOOP Malaysia this time around is on the understanding the new level of relationship once your your baby is popped. Check it out!

Congratulations on the new heartbeat! As you prepare for the next stage of life, you might be curious on how parenthood looks like. They say children strengthen the marriage and in reality it doesn’t only come through sweet and romantic approaches.  In fact, this is when your team work skills come in handy and the challenges start real soon as you pop your baby.
Here are some of the hurdles that deserve a thorough thought:
1.       Going on a date isn’t as romantic as before because you got to get ready for milk, warm water and extra clothes and diapers.  Even at the eatery, you might want to take turn eating because one has to handle the baby while the other enjoys the meal and vice versa.  All attention is now on the baby instead of holding hands loitering around the mall.
2.       Coming home from work is no longer about the both of you watching Netflix together over two packets of mi goreng mamak.  This is because you have to care for your baby’s needs like feeding and showering him, preparing for tomorrow’s clothes and pumping milk to ensure continuous supplies.  Once baby is asleep only then you could chill on the couch in your pyjamas and watch TV, if you still have energy that is. Or the TV might end up watching you instead.
3.       Arguments at 2 or 3am might happen if one of you is too lazy to wake up for the midnight feeding and changing diaper.  Both mommy and daddy should do this together.  If mommy nurses the baby, then daddy got to change the diaper. Fair and square.
4.       Going for vacations might be a little financially challenging now that a huge portion of your pay is spent on your baby.  You could still make it happen though, just that it needs a little more planning than before. Your food and accommodation preferences might change to suit your current budget. And hey, take a break from the routine. Go for a sweet escape and enjoy life!

That being said, parenthood isn’t all terrible because it’s all about how you perceive it. If you want to be prepared for the arrival of your baby, consider these:
·         Read more about parenthood from blogs, books or even mags and get to the realities of it.
·         Practice clear communication with your spouse. Describe your feelings clearly. And discuss about your expectations from one another because only then you’d get to foresee where each of you stand at. In fact, as you step in to parenthood, you might be shocked to see each other’s true colours.
·          Remember to always be patient and stay calm despite the storms. This is part and parcel of marriage. Patience is one of the key ingredients to surviving both parenthood and marriage.
Anyway, these are just my two cents and it would be great to listen to yours. Come and share with us what you think expecting couples should prepare before the arrival of their baby. Would love to read them in the comment below!

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