How my commitment to social work changed at this childbearing age

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A year back, a good friend of mine asked about my commitment with usrah after being married and having kids. Of course I said the truth, just like I always do on this blog, that my performance deteriorated. Now that I have a family of my own, my responsibilities escalated to a point where I don’t feel belong to my usrah friends because they all seemed well coped with life and usrah activities. 
I felt a little lonely because my usrah circle friends were mostly single so giving time to da’wah programmes are doable. I felt like, nobody understood my pressure (when I actually had so much hands offering help) because those were among my lowest points in life, the postpartum depression (PPD), what else. 
I gave up the usrah that was under me, I backed down from certain positions and my attendance to usrah was really bad. But what kept me going was the support from the sisters, that they still welcome my presence yang macam chipsmore ni. They still welcome my little offer to help out with the programmes. And in fact, they even offered to handle my baby while I do some work (which was petty compared to them). 
Slowly, I buckle up. 
I started handling usrah again, which was very convenient to my schedule, a huge privilege I must say. 
I began joining some dakwah activities to different groups of people, again. Although it was just a short session, while my sisters spent more time and effort than me. 
All I can say is moms, you might be perplexed with your new life and confused about doing dakwah with kids at your backseat. Questions like these are common to us moms, especially the young ones
“how to do work with them lingering on me? One wants to be nursed, the other is constantly nagging” 
“getting my kids ready to school are already taxing, let alone waking them up on weekends to volunteer for dakwah activities” 
“Just tell me how to cope with all this?”
Since I’m recovering, myself and still tryna figure out life, I’d say just give your littlest effort to dakwah, if that makes your life purposed. 
You see, simply show up for a while to help with the food arrangement and that should do fine. At least you put your effort there. 
And please don’t bother about what other sisters might think of your very minor contribution to the programme because you don’t stand by people’s perception. In fact, they don’t even have time for that because they have loads of other stuff to handle. 
And what matters now is you, getting back to where to stopped. 
You, getting back on track, 
doing what you love especially if it brings good to the community. 
The lost mother 
Remember to turn up in programmes, even for a little while. 

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