Why I blog about motherhood (and not much on parenting)

The other day I asked for suggestions from friends on FB about topics that I should blog on.  I thank you guys for taking the time to respond and boy y’all did open my eyes about loads of issues that need equal attention as motherhood. Among which, some suggested for topics on parenting, and thank you again for your recommendations guys.

Despite the remarkable idea, I came to realise that I talk more on motherhood and I seldom touch on parenting mainly because I feel that extant bloggers and parenting experts have already discussed on this matter. I mean, we already have positive parenting, modern parenting, chillaxed parents and the like. People can simply google them and your search engine would do its job.

But I noticed that the society lacks the support for mothers themselves and worse, we don’t share our struggles and hurdles when the reality is, we all face pretty much the same thing so we are not alone y’all! Consequently, we only focus on the things that we haven’t achieved like what, being a constantly happy mother the whole entire day? which is obviously impossible.

Poor moms, with today’s strong influence of social media that only shows the perfectly filtered pictures of moms from all around the world, that makes motherhood even more difficult. Especially to those who tend to put down on themselves just because they don’t spend time to play ABC blocks with their kids. Alas, most of us people only do things that are instagram-worthy. If posing with the ABC blocks make them look good, then why shouldn’t they?

And what drove me to focus on moms, instead of their parenting style, is that I do not want to let more mothers (and expecting mothers) to divagate any further. I’d love to draw moms’ attention on the realities of motherhood. The struggles, the sleepless nights, the chores-vs-kids dilemma that make us all normal moms.


I want to reach to more mothers and give them a little TLC through my blog. I want to let them know that heyyy they’ve been looking after the kids the whole day, or working all day long and still have to come home to mothering. So they can’t run away from feeling tired, helpless, or simply make some silly mistakes and cause another trouble pulak. Guys, you are tired I know, so it’s possible to lose your patience and virtues at some points. It’s normal to yell and shout at your kids because you’re just exhausted with the same old routine, you’re tired of reminding and telling your kids not to play with the gas stove.

All this are normal motherhood stuff and if you’re going through the same I’m here to remind myself and you, that we encounter the same hurdles. So instead of being perturbed by your recent snarl to the kids, why not sip your favourite coffee and just relax?. I’m saying this again especially to myself whose heart always got fiery with her kids’ behaviour, learn to RELAX. And I really suggest y’all to avoid scrolling the social media because it’d elevate your moms guilt seeing ‘beautiful’ pictures of other families.

February 2015. Was pregnant with my number 2.

Oh for the record, I have deactivated my instagram account and that made me happy. So don’t try to add @zayana_yusof at least for the time being ya and you won’t be able to find it in the first place anyway.

Okay moms, If you’re looking for some motherhood relievers, drop by my blog because this is where you can be your true mom-self. And to those who suggested for parenting topics, thank you again y’all, I take that as a compliment because..wow.. I’m nobody to talk about it but you guys look up to me for some parenting tips? Like whooaaa… Didn’t you know I’m suffering from postpartum depression that I wrote here? It’s like me and motherhood don’t get along, let alone parenting. But insha Allah, if I realise/read some parenting matters that worth sharing, I’ll pen it down here.

 Eid Mubarak moms! And remember to enjoy what you love doing because your feelings matter!

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