To the moms who don’t look forward to this Eid

I haven’t been blogging for a little over a week! I need to jot my feelings down here. I gotta share my thoughts in ways that motivate you guys because I speak to myself before you. And as I’m typing this, my girls are having their own sweet time in the shower. 

I actually got caught up with work and been having a little drama here and there, that made me contemplate my abilities to continue writing on this site. You see, even after consuming medicine and went to a few sessions of therapies, I still teared every now and then from the heavy burdens on my shoulder. I admit, I still see motherhood as a huge burden and I’m not ashamed of saying that because I know, many of you are feeling the same way too. 
I still text my husband, trying to pour it all out by saying that I’m stressed being a mother. 
I understand that you, yes you the one reading this piece, look no where else because I’m talking to you, you are tired of rushing back home to fetch your kids from school and went through the traffic jam for one or more hours, and reach home only to see the pile of laundry. 
I know you’ve been wanting to take a break from the labourious routine because mannnn washing butt and wiping snot ain’t fun at all and let alone waking up at 1, 3 and 4 am trying to rock your baby back to sleep. 
I know you’ve hit a glass ceiling at office that you don’t get promoted because they fear that you could not commit to the new position because you have a baby at home. I know one side of you is hating your boss and the other side is blaming your baby for barricading you from pursuing your dream job. You know the baby is innocent and yet, you still think that life would have been a lot easier without holding the Mom title. 
I know guys, I know… yes, you’re nodding now… 
Anyway, life goes on and hey, Eid is coming in no time! Speaking of which, let’s be merry and put aside the pressure from work and drama from your marriage. Eid is when we celebrate the success of fasting for 30 days. Eid is when we remember the winning of the War of Khandaq. I mean, Eid is supposed to be happy moments! 
Come on moms,  for the love of God,  let’s give it another try to be happy despite the struggles that you are having. Despite the ‘just another day’,  we have the rights to celebrate this joyous occasion with the rest of the Muslim brothers and sister,  and the non-muslim friends.

Despite the bad day, the yelling and screaming of getting your kids to shower, the recycling of last year’s baju raya, you could still enjoy the rendang,  ketupat, lemang and dodol guys.  Be merry!

And I’d like to take this chance to wish you all Eid Mubarak,  Selamat Hari Raya, Maaf Zahir Batin. Thank you all for supporting my writing.  You have no idea how much this blog  and you guys mean to me. 

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