To the exhausted moms whose kids are exasperating

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You deserve some time for yourselves because you work 24/7 from the break of dawn till midnight.
From the morning rush to get the kids ready, to school but one just pooped,
To breaking up their quarrel
To cleaning the spilled soy milk and scattered rice on the carpet 
To the staying up at night tryina rock your baby back to sleep
To the emergency leave from work because your kid got under the weather at school so you gotta pick him up to take him to the clinic
To your boss gave you that look because you were supposed to chair today’s meeting
To your superior extending your shift because workloads are just insane 
Dear mothers,  we all work hard for the family.  We earn some money to be spent back on them.
You commute to and from work to avoid the crazy traffic and parking fees, but it is just so exhausting to be cramped in the coach and look no better than canned sardines,
You buy foods for dinner because cooking just seem unfeasible, you then have to clear the fridge because you thought you could make some home-cooked meals but Good Lord,  the veggies all went rotten now!
You tried to make savings on every pay day, but the bank account seems to hate you so much that it denies transactions saying “insufficient account balance” especially in the middle of the month
You wash the dishes, do the laundry, you fold each and every clothe and sometimes you just throw them all in the laundry basket and the job will never end 
To the drained moms, I urge you, go and take a break even if it’s about sipping your favourite iced latte or scooping your treasured vanilla ice cream. 
Go. Go and treat yourself even for a little while if that makes you happy again. You know why? I know, going for a vacation isn’t likely going to happen because you are in the midst of completing your projects at work, or taking leaves isn’t possible, or you boss is simply mean, or you’re mere broke. 
With those hurdles restraining you from going for a getaway, try to look for something that soothes you instantly. Reading, sipping coffee, eat, nap or even listening to music. 
This may sound insignificant but believe me, the effects are tremendous. Having some me time would do wonders to your sanity. Because you need a break too, moms! 
You ain’t robots and hey even robots need charging time let alone us mothers. 
Because on top of everyone, you need to love yourself first by doing things you love. You gotta be emotionally and mentally strong for everyone in the house and that warrants you to take a break or enjoy the little things you love doing.

Go and have some guilt-free time for yourself. 

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