Poverty makes them come to school only for donation

Today,  Allah gave me the chance to see what life is from the other side of the city, it’s only Petaling Jaya guys but I learned a lot about poverty there. Wanita IKRAM Petaling Jaya (my usrah peeps) organised a donation drive for those in need and bought basic cooking stuff like 10kg rice, oil, flour and like to distribute to the students and their families of a KAFA (Kelas Al-Qur’an dan Fardhu Ain) school in that area. And today, we distributed it to them through an event named Tautan Kasih. 
This is the second time we came to this school, for our Ramadhan project and I’d like to thank you all, for your contributions be it financially, or in any way that was possible for you. I thank those who shared my FB post too! Thank guys, you rock! 

Okay now the serious concern and it”s about how some of the students there only registered to the school because they are hoping to receive donations and contributions. People and organisations give contributions through the school and yes the children and their families are entitled to those but when the school haven’t been receiving donations for the students after a while, students began to skip classes. 
I am not blaming the students only, because they are primary schoolers (I mean, do they know any better?) I’m mostly concerned about the parents and our community’s standard of living that affects the way they view education.
People take the opportunity to go to school (and it’s only KAFA guys, not Sekolah Rendah Agama) to get the benefit of contribution but when they do not get it, they give excuses. Tired, ko-kurikulum, want to focus for UPSR. Come on parents, KAFA is where you learn the basic things about your own religion, Solat, Fasting, Qur’an recitation and hafazan. Once in a while, the school organised practical sessions for slaughtering and handling jenazah but participation were very, very low! How much learning about KAFA affect your children’s focus on UPSR? 

I don’t put the blame on the parents alone, in fact I am not blaming anyone. Rather, I’m writing this to share with y’all about how our society struggles to make a living. Urban poor isn’t something you can take for granted because the people in villages can at least grow plants and collect wild kale, but in the urban area, how much can plant? Plus the living cost today is insane. 
I saw the recipients today with wrinkled faces screaming for help because life is just so hard for them. I wept a little inside because what looks petty to me (basic food) means the whole world to them. They all taught me to always be grateful. Be content with whatever we have be it small or big. And oh, I brought Nusaybah along and explained to her that we are going to help the poor today but… ya she only bothered about the cat there. “Ibu cat! Ibu cat!” 
Okay girl friend -_-” 

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