June Reading : Morsi The President’s Tear

This month’s reading is serious stuff guys. It’s about a review on Egypt’s political turmoil since the Arab Spring in Tunisia and how it encouraged the Egyptians to do the same to defeat Hosni Mubarak. All this happened in late 2010 and early 2011. Mohamed Morsi was then voted, through democratic election, as the fifth president of Egypt who was on duty from June 2012 to July 2013. 
We all knew he wished to stay longer but conspirative demonstrations overthrew him and even destroyed his government. False accusations such as supporting extremists and their activities and being the causal factor for the massive death in Rabiatul Adawiyah Square (also know as Rabiah) are among the means of eradicating him from his position.

This book presents several assumptions, theories and arguments behind the political unrest in Egypt. I personally love how the author cite from different sources and views pertaining to Morsi’s position and the actions to oust him. The author is even able to counter and argue each points with relevant justifications so as to extricate the wrong from the truth.

I do not wish to elaborate further about the points that the author explained because I would want to leave the excitement there. All I can say is, if you wish to understand the roots of today’s crisis in the middle east, this is the book for you. Plus it’s only 100-something pages with simple explanation about the political tension. So grab a copy of this in the link above ya.

With today’s major perception about Islam being harmful, this book is a great effort to explain the realities behind the blatant allegations. As we do not have a position in the politics, we too can make efforts to clear things up about Islam in any possible way. Be kind to your neighbours, treat your friends for lunch, help them out with work, give them a ride, be there for them, reach out to the poor and spread the love of Islam and humanity.. I mean so many ways guys!

Even if you wish to understand better about Islam, there are heaps of NGOs providing information and support for y’all. Here’s one, where quite a number of my close friends are volunteering for, HIDAYAH CENTRE FOUNDATION and if you need further help, don’t hesitate to email me okay norzayana90@gmail.com . You are more than welcome to enquire about Islam and I’ll help you in any way.

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