Am I the only mother who doesn’t bother about baju raya this Eid?

* I hope not. Gasp at the shoppers* 

Eid is meant for family and friends through beautiful occasions like gathering, open houses and visits. This is the great time to catch up with one another and check out if they’re doing fine with life. In other words, this is the ukhuwwah and silaturrahim part of the Eid. 

Eid is also celebrated with pretty clothes and accessories because it’s a sunnah to put on new outfit . Meaning to say, you are rewarded for just wearing new attire and I’m always surprised to realise that Allah grants us permission to shop and look pretty. God is so cool I must say! I’m a girl remember? Can’t run away from beauty and grace *eyes looking up* *palms on cheeks* 
But believe it or not, motherhood has reduces my excitement for buying new Eid clothes because I’d have to think of 2 sizes for both of my girls who might not even want to wear it in the first place. And I’d also have to sit down and plan with husband who is “colour blind” by nature so making him buying this-and-that colour is a little too ambitious to hope for. 
For that reason, I’ve decided to recycle last year’s clothes for the coming Eid, and colour? What colour? Just wear whatever y’all want to. My girls could end up wearing pants and shirts if I find that more practical for them to play and run with their cousins. 
And if I may ask y’all out there, any of you in the same boat as me? If yes, then we rock! We should launch a Pakai Je Lah Baju Apa Moms Club this Eid and be proud with ourselves because we choose to save money and focus on the people and food for this Eid. 
In fact, I have long bid farewell to loose shawls knowing that I’ll be chasing my girls to get them sit and eat, or to wash their butts, or tie their messy hair. So I choose to wear something that’s workable like instant shawl or tudung bawal that’s properly pinned and would stay put. You know, come what may, storms or lightning, because these types of tudung are much resistant relative to loose shawls.  
I applaud those moms who have made savings from the beginning of the year especially for Eid, who spare some amount of their pay for Tabung Raya because this is the time to be merry and look good and Allah allows that so long as we do not waste. Good for you mothers. This is your time to have a little TLC. This is the right occasion to put on fancy dresses to your girls, smart suit with a bow tie to your boys, ah just have it your way! If this is your only time to celebrate life, then go. Go and search for your baju raya in the physical or online store. Have you decided on your colour theme for this year? The time has finally arrived! 
And I am also reaching out to the rest of the motherhood community who have decided to be part of my newly established club because we just don’t bother much about what to wear for Eid. Those who do so because they’re out of budget, or something came up that they need to break their Eid piggy bank, or those whose kids are too small to wear new clothes that they might not fit in the next few months, I’m with you mothers. If you don’t change your curtain, or buy new furniture, or get a new look for your house, that doesn’t make you any lesser than the rest. 
If you choose to celebrate Eid with what is already there, then be so. Be proud of yourself because you have a distinct way to be happy and content. One way to be okay with yourself is by avoiding social media or try to not look at others’ baju raya if you knew it’s going to be taxing a lot to your emotions. I have deactivated my instagram account and I’m so much happy with my life now because I compare myself less with others. We gotta be mentally strong to face this y’all because we are going against the trend.  
And I’m here to say, that it’s totally okay to be recycling last year’s baju raya because you need to prioritise your financial obligations. So do I. Remember I met with an accident last month? which wasn’t my fault anyway, but my car costs me over RM5,700 to repair. I’m covered by insurance but I still have to pay 25% of betterment  which is near to RM1400. Now I’m so going to claim for the betterment and loss of use for over a month from that person’s insurance. Hopefully I’ll get it. Otherwise, I pray that Allah bestow upon me patience which I’m already lacking at. =( You see, with such leaking in my piggy bank, spending more money on baju raya isn’t my priority now. 
We all deserve to be happy for this joyous occasion. New baju raya or not? That ceases to matter. 
Carry on with Ramdhan moms. 
Carry on with your duties at home and at work
Carry on with your submission datelines, meetings and your baby’s vaccination schedules
Whatever it this, this 25th May is going to be HARI RAYA for us all, with or without new-themed-baju raya

Original idea by my dear friend, Ekin Azhar who suggested me to blog about celebrating Eid with little kids. Oh yes, girl friend. This is the reality eyh. 

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