15 ways to be a happy, fasting mom this Ramadhan

When people fast, they are hungry and they tend to be mad at even the little things. As much as their stomach growl,  they seem to change from who they really are. The same goes with mothers all around the world who are fasting. So you must be wondering, how to perform ibadah and remain calm during the day if you hold so many roles, mother,  wife,  housekeepers, and all other jobs you could think of? 
Okay folks let’s dive straight in.
1. Before dozing off, set in your mind that tomorrow is going to be another day in Ramadhan that you will be try to be calm despite your tummy growling all day
2. If closing your eyes makes it better,  then do so.  Don’t look at the piles of laundry
3. Spare the time and energy for Qur’an and solah sunnah instead
4. But if you can’t stand it,  then settle your laundry first.  Just be sure to remain calm,  calm,  and calm.  
5. If listening to instrumental songs make you a little happy,  then go ahead. No one says you can’t listen to music at all for these 30 days.  
6. If you need some time to nap,  let your spouse know. You don’t have to feel guilty about that.
7. Take turn with your spouse for nap time.  We need that too,  not just the kids! 
8.  Let your spouse know if you can’t take it anymore for the day.  Let him play his role too! It takes both of you to raise the kids, remember?  
9.  If you feel like going to the bazaar ramadhan, let’s! Because we all need some comfort food once in a while, no? 
10. Just make sure you only buy what you can finish eating.  Not having to keep foods and then later clear the fridge would make you a happy mother by a whole lot more
11. If you hate doing the dishes,  use paper plates and cups. Easy as. Who says you have to use glassware?  
12. Do not set your worth based on the number of pages of the Qur’an that you have recited for the day. Because as mothers,  that isn’t the sole determinant of your rewards for this Ramadhan.  
13. Avoid comparing your Ramadhan performance with those on social media because rewarding and determining the taqwa of a person is exclusively the job of Allah. 
14.  Also,  our commitments are different from theirs.  They don’t have to run around the house chasing their toddlers just to put their diapers on.  That’s already an ibadah! 
15. And finally,  as you wake up tomorrow morning for sahoor,  set in your mind that you are going to handle the day with love and patience.  
Mind setting might seem simple but it does make a difference to your day.  I am sharing this because this is what my psychiatrist advised me to do.  
Have some time for myself reflecting my day.  May mistakes and my achievements. Aim to improve them.  
Before sleeping,  set in mind that I will face another day event hough I know it’s going to be tough
And as I wake up in the next day, set in my mind again that I’m gonna execute what I have told to myself last night.  
I understand motherhood can give you real headache. That’s why I write all this down to at least remind you and myself that hey, we are all in this together.  You are not alone.  And there’s still hope for us this Ramadhan!  
Ramadhan Kareem y’all! 

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