To the moms who yell even though it’s Ramadhan

So you just yelled at your kids and the next thing that came in your mind was the thought that you might not be fasting at all. Just when you planned to have a great day knowing that fasting is more than restraining your desire to eat and drink but it goes towards escalating your patience, your little monsters get in your way,
Messing the living room that you just cleared 10 minutes ago
Made a party in the kitchen out of eggs and flour 
Dug through the piles of folded clothes
Sounds familiar? Things like this happen to me guys. If it’s not over the spilled milk it’d be over the kids’ fighting for the remote control. Well, it’s only the 5th Ramadhan today and still too early to give up with ourselves in this Ramadhan. 
I know that you might not see the worth of fasting because you don’t seem to have the virtue of a fasting person but please mothers, the blessings of Ramadhan goes on and you gotta work to grab it despite what you’ve been going through. 
Despite the struggles
Despite the nagging 
Despite the shouting for the kids to come down and have their shower and eat their breakfast 
Despite the piles of laundry that’s been starring at you since last week 
Despite the dishes from this morning’s sahoor 
You deserve to be part of the believers celebrating the Ramadhan with prayers, zikr, and Qur’an recitation.  
Because Ramadhan is for all Muslims regardless of their status, rank, prominence and stature. Because we are all the same in eyes of Allah and what differentiates us from one another is our level of taqwa, that is being God Conscious. 
Yes, you scold your kids in the midst of fasting, but that shouldn’t deter you from appreciating Ramadhan. 
Yes, you got scolded at workplace, and you do know that that won’t discourage the spirit of Ramadhan in you. 
Yes, you got a small cut on your finger while preparing for iftar because your little one pulled your arm while you were slicing some chilies. Get back up on feet set your heart close to Allah. It’s Ramadhan, moms! 
I too become crabby and irritated with my girls at some point because of the fasting and they couldn’t understand that I don’t have much energy to play hide-and-seek with them .
Just like you, I too get frustrated with the laundry but this is the real life guys. We do the hard work of a mother, employee, employer, wife and we still have to make time for Allah. That’s the struggle that Allah sees and rewards us on. I question about my life so many times, why do I have to handle my kids and my family and yet have to find time to perform ibadah? Can’t I just live on my own and care just about myself? When I actually am learning to accept that redha Allah comes in different ways now. 
So keep going strong moms. Keep fasting, keep finding ways to recite Qur’an and do sedeqah in this holy month despite your tight schedule. Hold on firmy to Ramadhan and Allah’s mercy. And most importantly, don’t give up just yet. Please?

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