Leave home without grudge because accidents are unforseeable

This day last week I met with an accident on my way to my best friend’s wedding. I was with Nusaybah and we were only about 2-km away from home.  My girl was super excited that we were going to a wedding reception and so was I!
The day went awry when the car in front of me went out of control all of a sudden. It spinned to the right and left of the 3-lane road and it sooo happen to stop on mine. My mind was in a blur.  I couldn’t brain the situation so I wasn’t able to check if I could avoid the car.  I hit it and this is how my Myvi looked like
That seens pretty bad eyh. I have already lodged a police report,  took my car to the police station for them to snap pictures of it. And now I have to wait for their official statement to settle for our car takaful. Meanwhile,  I’ll have to send my Myvi to any of the panel workshop for some surgeries.  Poor baby! 
Nusaybah was all right Alhamdulillah,  she was a little shocked from the moderate inertia.  Thank God she was strapped to the car seat so I really want to emphasise to all parents to train, train, and train your babies to be seated in their car seat. The same rules that we fasten our seatbelts apply to them too.  Too strong of inertia could throw you out of the car.

Never mind about the car. It has actually brought me to overcome my fear of driving our MPV. I have to get over it because I have to go out and about.  Send the kids to daycare,  study at uni,  meet my supervisor. Alhamdulillah,  I manage to set my butt behind the wheels,

Another achievement unlocked! Alhamdulillah.  Had it not been for the accident,  this might not happen.  
I was pretty cool when the collision happened.  Didn’t freak out nor mad.  Didn’t argue over whose fault it was (theirs I believe because they caused the problem initially).  But I was blown out of the water with Nusaybah’s whine.  She was grumpling about going to kenduri (the wedding reception)  that we were excited about even though I have explained to her, while showing the dents, that we had an accident so the kenduri plan is cancelled. 
You think she bothered about the car? No. She kept crying to go to the kenduri. 
Okay  I get it,  she’s only three.  Cancelling a kenduri plan all of a sudden is out of her cognitive capacity. 
I then cried because her behaviour was so overwhelming for me to handle.  The accident was manageable you see.  But the girl wasn’t.  Maybe because I had been pretty tired with the kids in the morning so another round tantrums is a bit too much for the day. This girl has taken my patience to the next level I must say. 
Long story short,  the other person apologised.  We agreed on lodging a police report.  We exchanged contact numbers and snapped each other’s IC and driver’s license.
So moms (and everyone out there) if you met with an accident,  here’s what you do:
1. Chill,  don’t panic
2.  If possible,  move to a safer spot
3. Snap pictures of,  
– each other’s car : whole and details of the damages.
– the scene 
– the person’s IC and driver’s license
4. Exchange phone number and car insurance company name. If possible get the passengers’ number too so you’ll have more means of reaching to the person
5. Lodge a police report within 24 hours.  The sooner the better
6. At police station,  they’ll ask you to verbally explain and draw the scene (heck I got C for pendidikan seni) 
7. Next,  they’ll ask you to take your care there (drive or tow) for them to snap pictures of proof.  
8. You’ll have to wait for at least 14 days to get their final statement about the accident in which,  they will mention whose fault it is. 
9. Meanwhile,  you can take your care to your insurance/takaful panel workshop so they can enter your registration number in their system and the adjuster will check on the condition. 
10. When the final statement is ready,  inform your insurance/takaful and they’ll contact the other person’s insurance/takaful to claim for the repair done.  
It sure was a tough day for me.  And I have also learned that it’s important to leave home without grudge to any of your family member because accidents happen anywhere,  unforseeable and death on the other hand is inevitable

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