The birth of my FIRST EVER BABY
Today is one remarkable day for me. After waiting and trying to make it happen for a little over a year,  my first baby is finally born!
Its IC number would be 20170429-14-0001
Place of birth : Kuala Lumpur
It all started when I approached a book publisher in December 2015 with a sample of my write-up. They agreed to join me in their project with a young, talented OKU business owner and the plan was to launch a similar-to-biography book in PBAKL, 2015. 
But Allah has it that this plan didn’t work. They kept quiet and all that me and Khairul Nizam knew was that this project was left abandoned. Nizam then suggested that we make an e-book out of the manuscript but it turned out waayyyy better than that! 
We collaborated with SifuFBAds Press and voila! 
A 280-page book that revolves around the life of Khairul Nizam, whose health deteriorated over the course of 15 years before his limbs went paralysed at the age of 16. Wheelchaired and only able to move three of his right fingers, this man made RM400,000 monthly from his three companies. 
What makes this book a must-have is the strength, struggles, hurdles and trials that Nizam went through as an OKU, poor kid from Pelabuhan Klang, Selangor that made him into who he is today. Nizam aspires to encourage the OKUs out there to strive and make the best out of their uniqueness. He also yearns to see more young entrepreneurs from different background to work hard and enjoy the fruit of their labour. 
All in all, this is the right piece to read if you’re seeking for ways out of your miseries and rise to the occasion because this Nizam dude went through it all. 
Available at PWTC for the Pesta Buku Antarabangsa, Kuala Lumpur (PBAKL)
28 April – 7 May 2017 
Grab yourself a copy from SifuFBAds booth!

Or if you can’t make it there, but you really want to get this book, simply whatsApp me at 019-6031816! Because I got it all sorted out for you. 

Myself, The Top Dog, and Mr DAS Abdul Global.
Jusssttt the right time to look like a ghost -__-“

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