[Review] Helping Children Succeed

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I just realised that I haven’t given my review on April’s readings. Remember I aimed to read at least a book every month. Well, haven’t gone any further than that -_-” 
So ya, April’s reading was on Helping Children Succeed : What Works and Why, by Paul Tough. This piece is mainly about the education system in the US and how can they put a halt to the loopholes and lacks in it. Paul also focuses on disadvataged children especially those coming from poor and/or broken families and how it affects their performance and behaviour at school. 
What hits me the most is in the early chapters where Paul drew my attention on the needs of having supportive family. People can say that it’s teachers who are paid to set the role model for the children but seriously guys, we parents have to play our roles first. 
1. Be there for the kids, through thick and thin, thunder and lightning, rain and shine
2. Spend time with them. Play, crawl, drawing, colouring 
3. Set good examples, recite do’a, prayers, recite al-Qur’an 
So they’ll see and learn and eventually be conditioned to the positive surrounding. So they’ll learn to take things easy and not be stressed out about little things. I know, I know this isn’t a fun thing to read for parents, because I feel the same way too. But then again, it’s our kids. We have to take up the job. 
And the latter chapters talk about the system in school and teachers could make teaching and learning more interesting, and how they could understand their students better. I honestly didn’t read that part much because…. it’s pretty full of jargon and I couldn’t relate to it. Huhu. 
So yeah, overall, this is a great book because it reminds me of another purpose to my struggle in motherhood that I need to shape them well before letting them go on their own. 

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